The Iconic V C Andrews Book Covers


Simple yet stunning ,  Flowers in the Attic  burst into the main stream with a cover idea that not only is iconic but revolutionised the entire paper back world in terms of design.

A stark image of a house with a hauntingly beautiful girl peeking out from an attic window ….on closer inspection if you lift the cover it reveals a disturbing yet intricately beautiful portrait of four vulnerable children, the girl included dressed in white with a malevolent force hovering behind them hands reaching out in a threatening manner.


These Stepbacks as they are referred to by fans are highly coveted,  adored and loved by the fandom who consider them to be ultimate book covers and collectors item.


From 1979 to 2007 this concept was used until it was thought they were too costly to keep recreating. This has saddened many fans and taken away something that was unique to the VCA brand.

The Complete VCA website  has a vast resource of information in its library on the individual covers themselves and even an exclusive look at the development of the Flowers in the Attic cover art which I highly recommend to any fan to check out.

But I’m intrigued to know more about the people behind these iconic designs and how they came to be for if it wasn’t for them our beloved books would have been so much different. …. so here is the beginning of a new AtticSecrets series …..

The people behind the iconic book covers

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