The 40th anniversary of Flowers in the Attic

Finally we re into November which means the fortieth anniversary of Flowers in the Attic is just days away !

Here on Atticsecrets and in the fandom in general there’s been lots of excitement and preparation going on to celebrate this iconic book which will last the whole month long ..

Whilst the estate and the publishers have already started celebrating throughout 2019 by giving the fans the Heaven movies on lifetime, the Beneath the Attic novel detailing the first Corrines story , there will be an anniversary edition of the book released on November 12th with an exclusive forward from Gillian Flynn , author of Sharp Objects, Gone Girl and Darkest Places – a longtime VC Andrews fan.

They also have been hinting about an exclusive surprise for the fandom , and if the whispers are correct – it’s been something the fans have wanted for a long long time so fingers crossed !

So, what do we have planned ourselves ?

Well, daily blogs throughout the month of all things VCA , some new exclusive s including the photos from the infamous people article magazine , a following in the footsteps of Virginia article , a Brand New Podcast I’m co hosting with Ty Kovack and Ellie Sanchez – named Flowers in the Podcast which delves into all things VCA and will feature some great guests of the fandom …

But still there will be much more !

I’m writing an article for The Dolls Club about the Flowers in the Attic timeline I created five years ago and how that came about including the steps taken to make it as closely accurate to the narrative of the book as possible and how its creation helped to uncover more to this haunting story.

I will be revealing a special art commission I had made especially for this anniversary – featuring one of a kind never to be replicated Catherine Dollangager Doll by the amazing So-Retro !

The fandom will also receive an exclusive interview found by superfans Becky Andrews and Rebecca Gustafson which sheds light on the mysterious Ms Andrews herself and is worth it s weight in gold !

So much to celebrate this month , I really hope you all enjoy it x

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