Heaven Timeline

Tuesday 21st February 1961

Granny takes Heaven to the graveyard on the eve of her 10th birthday and tells her the truth about her birth mother Angel . Later she gives her an old suitcase of her mother’s things including a doll which was the image of her.

March/April/May 1964

Luke returns home after a two week absence.


Through gambling Luke loses the families animals over the course of several weeks – meaning there is not enough food.

Luke disappears again , having sold the family s cow they need for milk

Tom has to steal milk from Skeeter Burls goat to ensure the younger children don’t go hungry.

Tuesday 8th September 1964

Jane starts school, though due to frail health finds the walk difficult meaning either Tom or Heaven have to carry her. The one time Fanny does , Jane annoys her so she drops her straight into a mud puddle.

Miss Marianne Deale allows Heaven and Tom to take home school books to help with their studies.

Sunday 13th September 1964

Miss Deale buys the children ice cream in the pharmacy.

Luke charms Miss Deale

Tom notices the new pharmacist s son is looking at Heaven

Monday 14th September 1964

Heaven meets Logan Stonewall for the first time.

He buys them all lunch in the cafeteria

Friday 18th September 1964

Heaven and Tom speak about the truth of Heavens real mother

Monday 21st September 1964

Monday Logan walks Heaven halfway home as she is too ashamed for him to see where she lives.

Fanny threatens to tell Luke about Logan and Heaven accepting other people s help.

Tuesday 22nd September 1964

Heaven finds Fanny in the school cloakroom with a boys hands in her panties

Sarah tells Heaven that Fanny will grow up to be a whore and there’s nothing she can do about it, just look after herself .

Saturday 26th September 1964

Luke doesn’t return home for five days – when he does it’s in secret to chop firewood at night , Tom and Heaven find him and he explains he has a job on the railway which keeps him busy during the day. He refuses to come in and see Sarah.

Xmas day Friday 25th December 1964

Logan buys Heaven a gold bracelet set with sapphire s

Heaven gives Logan a red cap she’d knitted

Sunday 14th February 1965

Heaven gives Logan a matching red scarf she’d made

Monday 22nd February 1965

Heaven turns 14 , Logan gifts her a white sweater set.

Heaven and Logan begin to fall in love.

Tuesday 23rd February 1965

Logan walks Heaven home,

March 65

Logan’s birthday


Sarah reveals to Heaven she is pregnant again, Due in the fall.

The Casteel kids go on a fishing trip by the river with Logan. Fanny tries to kiss him.

Logan asks Heaven to meet his parents.

Heaven and Logan share their first kiss.

Luke returns home and explodes with anger over Sarah’s pregnancy. She had not taken the contraception he’d given her . He leaves in a rage.

Fanny announces it should be her having a baby not Sarah.

August 1965

During her last few weeks of pregnancy, Sarah becomes withdrawn and unable to devote herself to the children.

Our Jane becomes more sickly

Luke returns with food and then leaves.

Heaven attempts to talk to Luke to no use. Granny tells her more about her real mother and Heaven vows to go to Boston one day to find her mother’s family.

Fanny strips off naked to try at tempt Logan at the riverbank.

Sarah whips and beats Tom for not being able to get a job.

Tuesday 7th September 1965

The children return to school, Sarah’s baby is due any day.

Saturday 11th September 1965

Sarah admits to Granny she is just putting in time now, she doesn’t care

Sunday 12th September 1965

Sarah goes into labour. Heaven helps to deliver it as Granny is too unwell to help.

The baby is stillborn, deformed from syphallis Luke had picked up from Shirley’s Place.

Luke throws the dead baby against the ground and orders Grandpa to bury it – blaming Sarah before leaving.

Granny dies on the same day.

October 1965

Granny and the infant child have a funeral at the church in Winnerow and are buried in the graveyard near Heavens mother.

Saturday 6th November 1965

Luke returns having missed his own mother’s funeral and admits to Sarah he did have syphallis . Sarah throws him out.

Heaven looks at her mother’s suitcase for the first time since granny gave it to her and unwraps the portrait doll.

Logan hasn’t been to church nor seen Heaven since before Sarah s baby and granny’s death.

Sunday 7th November 1965

The Casteels go to church – the whole congregation stare at them

Monday 8th November 1965

Logan returns to school and explains he had to visit his sick grandmother.

Tuesday 9th November 1965

Miss Marianne Deale speaks to Heaven after class and consoles her.

Logan gets into a fight defending Heavens honour

Sarah stops cooking and cleaning

Wednesday 10th November 1965

Sarah lashes out at Heaven telling her she ain’t her Ma and will be getting out of this hellhole and if Heaven had any brains she would too

Thursday 11 th November 1965

Heaven awakes in the early hours to find Luke had been and left food. However ,she also realises Sarah has left them during the night.

Heaven skips school to take care of Our Jane and Grandpa.

Grandpa predicts Our Jane will die soon.

Tuesday 16th November 1965

After Heaven missing school for three days, and the children lying about their situation, Logan visits the cabin to find out what’s going on. However, he can’t see well due to an eye injury and Heaven continue s to lie about their situation whilst Fanny wanders around practically naked.

Luke doesn’t return and the children begin to starve.

Heaven contemplates killing one of the hound dogs for meat but Tom returns with two chickens

Thursday 18th November 1965

The children realise they need to start stealing in order to survive. They head to Winnerow . Heaven almost gets caught but Tom and Fanny manage to get away with chickens and eggs.

Winter 1965

Heaven, Tom and Fanny start stealing groceries from unattended car boots.

Thanksgiving Thursday 25th November 1965

Luke returns to find Sarah has left , he has been gone a whole month.

He informs the children he has bought them enough food to try and keep until he returns again, hopefully cured of syphallis . He claims to have a friend who can try and find Sarah before he leaves again

Tom informs Heaven that Logan has gone away again

December Sunday 20th 1965

Miss Deale finds them at church and takes them all for a meal – Fanny announces the reality of their situation loudly in the drugstore.

Miss Deale promises to visit them the next day after school with present s. However, she gets called back to Baltimore to her sick mother. She promises to send a package of goods that never arrive.

Friday 24th December 1965

Luke arrives back at the cabin.

Xmas day Saturday 25th December 1965

Luke starts selling off his children for $500 a piece – starting with Keith and Our Jane

January 1966

Fanny is sold to the Reverend Wise. They change her name to Louisa Wise.

Thursday 1st February 1966

Tom is sold to Buck Henry

Sunday 9 th February 1966

Heaven attends church with Luke and Grandpa. Fanny refuses to speak to her. Logan ignores her. Rosalind Wise advises Heaven the Casteel s are no longer welcome at Church.

Friday 10th February 1966

Luke bring s two prospective coupled to the cabin. Heaven has to chose between the two couples as to who will buy her. She chooses Kitty and Cal Dennison.

Kitty and Cal take her to their house in Candlewick. 210 Eastwood Street.

On the way Kitty informs her she knew her real mother and hated her – just as she hates Luke.

Whilst Cal is out, Kitty starts to psychially and emotionally abuse Heaven and forces her to take a Lysol bath.

When Cal returns, Kitty informs him Heaven will be sharing their bed – sleeping between them. She deliberately wears lingerie to teach him self control.

Saturday 11th February 1966

Kitty and Cal take Heaven shopping for new clothes in Atlanta and Kitty introduces her to her employees at her hair Salon.

Sunday 12th February 1966

Heaven visits a Catholic church with Kitty and Cal. When Kitty is in the bathroom she quickly mails a letter to Logan.

Cal promises to help her look for her siblings.

That night, Cal snuggles up to Heaven ensuring Kitty goes mad and throws Heaven out of their bed.

Heaven now has a bedroom to herself in the downstairs junk room.

Monday 13th February 1966

Heaven is enrolled in school after a morning of pyschical abuse from Kitty.

From now on she is expected to do all the cleaning and cooking.

Cal warns Heaven never to let Kitty know how much Luke despises her.

Saturday 19th February 1966

Heaven goes Shopping with Cal for furniture then he took her to see the sound of music

Monday 21st February 1966

Heavens furniture arrives for her room. Cal helps her make it homely and then gives her a letter – it is from Logan.

Tuesday 22nd February 1966

Heaven turns 15 and receives a gift of a type writer from Cal.

March 1966

Kitty often comes home late from work, not caring Heaven and Cal are spending more and more time alone.

Logan stops writing and Heaven has not received a word from Tom despite him having her address.

April 1966


Heaven receives a letter from Keith and Our Jane’s adoptive mother telling her they are well and sends photo s.

After a day in Atlanta with Cal, Heaven returns home and is beaten by Kitty.


Cal once again promises to help Heaven find her family and contact her mother’s parents in Boston .

Heaven shows him the portrait doll of Leigh.

August 1966

Heaven goes to the seaside on holiday with kitty and Cal to celebrate Kitty’s 36th birthday

September 1966

Heaven receive s a letter from Tom

Cal continue s to buy Heaven clothes that she has to hide from Kitty

Thanksgiving 1966

Heaven roasts the turkey for Kitty’s girls whilst kitty pretends to have done it herself.

25 December 1966

Heaven realises Kitty has a drinking problem

Saturday 22nd February 1967

Cal and Heaven celebrate her 16 th birthday – he buys her nylons, stockings and high heels she has to hide.

Spring 1967

Cal makes Heaven feel guilty about having plans with others

Summer 1967

Kitty become s depressed about ageing – talks about returning to winnerow for a visit.

March 1968

Kitty announces they will be returning to Winnerow as soon as Heaven finishes school in June.

April 1968

Kitty returns home with clothes for Heaven that fit nicely in preparation for their trip.

Later on she takes Heaven to her salon to give her a makeover and claims to her girls Heaven is her real daughter.

Cal worries she is slipping into a fantasy life and thinks Heaven is the baby she aborted.

Heaven plans a “surprise” spring party for Kitty .

Kitty catches Heaven with the Leigh doll and burns it. She claims to know where Keith and Our Jane are .She knocks Heaven out so she misses the party.

Cal finds her later and tries to comfort her but begins to fondle and kiss her

He gives her a gift of a gold watch

When Kitty comes home he tells her he’s leaving her , however Kitty persuades him not to.

The next day

Kitty acts as if the night before hasn’t happened and she has no idea what Heavens talking about in regards to Keith and Our Jane’s whereabouts.

May 1968

Friday –Heaven brings home chuckles, the class pregnant hamster.

Saturday –Kitty begins to complain of migraines and feeling tired but refuses to see a Dr.

Sunday – Heaven discovers that Kitty has killed chuckle s and the babies.

She forces them to attend church, Heaven tries to leave but has no money too. Cal tells her he’s saving money so they can leave together.

June 1968

Kitty becomes quiet and withdrawn, she stops looking after herself and throws out all her lingerie. She spends days in bed staring at the ceiling and refuses to go to work.

Monday June 24th 1968

Heaven realises Kitty is desperately ill and Cal calls an ambulance and gets her rushed to hospital where she is submitted to various medical tests.

Cal and Heaven are left alone in the house together, he begins to take her out more in the evening s.

They consumate their relationship much to Heavens guilt

Monday 8th July 1968

Kitty is released from hospital, the drs can’t find anything wrong with her.

However, after a month of constant caring for her and the expense of the nurses , Cal decides it’s time to take her back to her parents in Winnerow.

Mid August 1968 Friday 14/21

Heaven and Cal take Kitty back to Winnerow.

Heaven recalls the day, Kitty found a lump in her breast . Maisie confirms breast cancer runs in the family .

The next day 15/22


Heaven plans to visit Fanny – on her way she bumps into Logan. Guilty and troubled Heaven tries to push him away.

She arrives at Fanny’s who tells her to go away at the door, She says the reverend and his wife have forbidden her to talk to her and she never received any letters from Heaven.

Logan takes Heaven to see Grandpa at the old people’s home. Afterwards, Tom joins them.

When Heaven returns to the Setterton house, Maisie catches her and Cal in an embrace.

Sunday 16/23

Whilst everyone else goes to church Heaven stays behind to look after Kitty, she discovers she has been treated badly by her mother and sets to undo the harm.

Monday 17/24

Kitty is taken to hospital for a breast exam. Its discovered the tumor is now so advanced it’s untreatable. Kitty insists she wants to die.

Heaven sees Logan again, she admits her affair with Cal and tries to explain but he turns against her.

September 1968

Heaven tends to kitty in the hospital, kitty tells her when she dies Heaven has to marry Cal.

Reva turns up at the hospital and tells Heaven she is no longer welcome in her house. Kitty tells Heaven to leave.

Heaven and Cal stay at Browns Motel

Two weeks later mid September

Tom tells Heaven that both Fanny and Rosalyn Wise are rarely seen in public. They go to visit Grandpa together and are told Luke has been and taken him.

Tom admits he’d lied about his life with Buck Henry and needs to escape him.

Heaven and Tom go to the hospital where Luke had visited Kitty, he left a note for Heaven.

He asks for Heaven and Tom to go and live with him and his new wife.

Kitty gives heaven another letter from Luke , in it contains the details of Heavens mother’s family in Boston.

He has purchased her a plane ticket and informed her grandparents she may be coming.

Kitty also persuaded Luke to give Heaven the address of the people who bought Keith and Our Jane.

Tom goes to find Luke, they return to see Heaven who hides so they can’t find her.

Cal returns and claims Kitty is cured and that Heaven should go to Boston.

He gives Heaven $500 dollars from Luke and advise s her not to bring bad memories back to Keith and Our Jane.

Heaven becomes determined to go to Boston and meet her mother’s family

October 1968 next day

9am flight to Atlanta, as Heaven is waiting for her flight , Fanny arrives and reveal s she is pregnant with the Reverend’s baby , she’s going to get $10,000 to pretend it’s his wife’s and is off to New York. Tom arrives to say goodbye and tell her he is going to live with Luke .

Heaven opens the Winnerow paper and discover s Kitty had died the day before she had left and Cal hadn’t told her .

Heaven flies to Atlanta ontowards Boston

*With many thanks to Rebecca Gustafson for the many PM’s from me asking to pick your brain *

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