The Complete VCA Website

When I first became obsessed with VCA and in particular FITA some twenty years ago – there was only one website to go to which provided any information at all – The Complete VCA

Whilst there were yahoo groups, the publishers website etc there was nothing that compared to this amazing site created by someone who you could tell was truly a fan and truly loved not only the books but the author herself.

This has continued to be the case and whilst the brand has tried to detach itself from Virginia Andrews – the woman, the author – The Complete VCA website has kept her legacy and magic alive.

Whilst the childhood photos, the artwork, even the biography has disappeared from the official sites, There is this one site that kept it all for historical purpose.

Through dilligent research, contact with the family, the original people involved with the production of Virginia Andrews novels, Jennifer has been able to give the fans not only exclusive s not to be found elsewhere but an insight into the woman who created the magic.

So forgive me today for getting personal and rather soppy but I’m so so saddened to hear that she has felt it necessary to stop work on what is such a brilliant site and I know many of us fans feel exactly the same.

I don’t think Jennifer will ever realize what an impact her site has had on us , to me it has always been an inspiration and when she published my FITA timeline on her site how honoured I felt to be part of something so special and so wonderful. To be worthy of such a site as hers.

I totally understand why she feels the need to withdraw now – the way the brand is going and the continual books being released that are so different from the original works and NOW the sacrilege of the original canon books – starting with the Christopher s diary saga onto Whitefern , followed by the announcement of FOUR new books relating to the Dollanganger saga.

This is not something we wish to promote.

So I just wanted to write a little post in support of Jennifer, to thank her for such an amazing website that has been part of my life for so long, to thank her for her unconditional support and her unwavering loyalty to the fandom and lastly to wish her all the best in the future.

I really hope this isn’t the last we see of you in the fandom , I believe you possess some amazing skills and as ever you are integral in keeping the legacy alive

Love Lorraine xxx


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