The V C Andrews Superfan Magazine

A few months back , head of the VC Andrews Superboard neisha Chetty decided to get together all the groups in the fandom and  create something truly special.

A magazine to showcase the fans and their love for the books VCA wrote.

It wasn’t an easy task by any means but with just one day past the deadline – a fantastic free new magazine has been put together.

This first issue I’m proud to say features my artwork as the cover and a lot of my attic Secrets pieces but also some wonderful reviews, fan fiction and an interview with the main man himself Andrew Neiderman! It showcases wonderful fans such as Jessica Zinder and collector Nehal Khan as well as a review by Ted Ryan.

It is literally filled to the brim.

Honouring the magazine with his endorsement too is Andrew Neiderman  himself “This is the most amazing things I’ve seen fans do” he stated on the fan page.

And wonderfully The Complete VCA website is the go to place to download your free copy

So have a look and send us your feedback we d love to know what you think x

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