Was Damiens Decision a Selfish or Selfless One?


Damian Adare – a parent desperate to help his child or a man desperate to help himself ?

A fantastic discussion opened up on AtticSecrets this past week after Neisha saw a member ask if his decision was a selfish or selfless one on the VCANDREWS Book Club?! – unfortunately this post didn’t gather any reactions on that group so Neisha decided to ask our members  their opinion……

And what transpired was a very intriguing concept ….


Oh boy. Its a combination of both I think. But ultimately its more of a selfish one. He wanted audrina to be pure and always be his little girl and that was the only way he could regain that back. In the end I think he was more concerned with himself than Audrina and the possible psychological damage.

Mersedes Sandoval

With Damien, it was pure selfishness. Damien viewed women as property, even the ones he openly hated. He liked having them all under his thumb, stranded in Timbuktu with no transportation.

Kelly Vanspybrook

Btw and this very important…may seem a weird question. Did Audrina’s rape work to Damian’s advantage ?


Neisha  Chetty

Ooh interesting Neisha Chetty in a way yes because he had a chance to control her , to mould her into his own liking ,  however it didn’t truly work as the audrina he created could never replace the girl she was and she was a shadow of her former self , if he had got her some therapy some support she could of rebuilt her life not become the confused insecure child she was . MersedesSandoval is right  he did have selfish reasons underlying his parental concern and pain – audrina was the only one who didn’t see him as flawed unlike the other women in his life and he needed that for his own egotistical reasons and sense of self worth . When the rape made her see anything male as a threat then she saw him as a threat too and hated him and he couldn’t bear that



He was selfish. Audrina’s mentality was already traumatized over the rape and instead of facing it head on, it was covered up. Then they created another Audrina, making her seem ever so perfect that the second Audrina was constantly reminded of that perfection that she believed she was never going to become. It was as if she was constantly being raped over and over, but not sexually but mentally, which in itself is more damaging than the actual rape. She continues to have severe PTSD over the rape, not fully understanding why, and not being able to control the madness in her head and in her home. As her father, D wasn’t the protector that he should have been, but more of the tormentor. Knowing how insanely crazy that Vera was, he should have sent her away somewhere far away from Audrina so the healing could begin and could start understand what happened.  The mind takes longer to heal than the mind and sometimes it doesn’t heal at all. She could be haunted with it for the rest of her life, but the mental abuse she endure crippled the mind even more so, forcing the mind to relive the event over and over in various ways.


The thing is the first Audrina disobeyed her papa and went into the woods despite his warnings. The first Audrina had she been perfect would have eventually had a perfect life and married, left her papa to be alone in his old age, something he fears. The rape however made Audrina scared of married life (there’s a line where Ellie mentions Damian is the reason the Audrina is frigid).
, scared to leave the confines of whitefern

“A playroom, safe in my home, a playroom, safe in my home, got no tears, no fears, nowhere else to roam, papa wants me always to stay home, in my playroom, safe in my home.”

I think Damian gained a lot from Audrina’s rape, whether he orchestrated the rape is another matter entirely. Something that needs to be investigated. But what I know for sure is that in the end, Damian won. Audrina never left him and he had the son he so desired in Arden.

Audrina was frigid and afraid of men, but it was the women who ended up dead. And what’s more intriguing is that throughout the book, Audrina is trying to please her father at every turn, she is competing to be the First and Best. So although she hates other men, she somehow wants her father’s love.


That’s very interesting Neisha Chetty, Maria Tarvis-Proulx brings up some fantastic points in regards to the continual harm done. I know we ve discussed before how a 10 year old child such as Vera would come up with the notion of rape ? Did someone put it in her head ? Part of me suspect s Ellsbeth to an extent whilst another suspect s Damien was sexually abusing her himself. …but you ve bought another theory to the table which is intriguing. .. he did benefit in so many ways


He indeed did. Perhaps he feared that Audrina and Arden were getting a bit too close even when she was just nine. She snuck out to meet Arden there in the woods. Even though we see this incident with Spider Longtree on this bus, Audrina had plans before to meet Arden there. I know I’ve come across that before. Why would they warn Audrina on that particular day not to go through the woods ? So many little things point to something I’m yet to figure out.


As I said an intriguing concept ,  one I d love to hear readers thoughts on …..

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