FITA The Stage Play Wins numerous awards

On Monday,  AtticSecrets were thrilled to reveal that Christopher Bentivegna s wonderful adaptation of FITA the stage play had won numerous awards on BroadwayWorld for the whole of Louisiana.


Out of the five categories it was nominated for,  it walked away with almost a   third of these including Best Play.

BroadwayWorld is as it s name suggests very influential as to what is picked up to run on Broadway, New York  and this is wonderful news for The VCA Estate and Neiderman who are hoping to bring it to the big city.

They initially chose Bentivegna after numerous interviews with potential directors from all over the  USA but were impressed with his vision ,  which was heartfelt and passionate.

He bought the heartbreaking beauty and haunting tone to a script which had been disliked by fans and who were initially against the production.

Bentivegna had a challenge,  not only to produce something that would honour the legacy of VCA but also to win around a fandom that was wary and hostile .

With charm, honesty and complete candidness,  not only did Christopher patiently explain his vision , he listened to the fandom and proved he was a fan himself. No one else could have poured their heart and soul into such a production as he did and the results showed this.


A talented cast and crew, an amazing set design which had the audience IN the attic with the children, fantastic promotional photo s all resulted in not only a successful run of sold out shows but have now won these awards.

The Awards won were :

Best Play : Flowers in the Attic

Best Actress: Rebecca Elizabeth Hollingsworth


Best male lead : Levi Hood


Best set design : Matthew Collier

This just goes to prove what can happen when a passionate fan is given the task to produce a VCA adaptation whether it be theatre or movies. In fact, if the lifetime movies had been entrusted to a director of Christopher s calibre and also fans , perhaps their ratings and the general response would have been drastically improved and not an embarrassment to everyone.

AtticSecrets truly wish that Christopher Bentivegna is widely recognised for his role in making the stage play a success and with his sensitivity and insight into the work and would be entrusted to take this play , not only to Broadway but also nationwide with the same cast who performed their roles beautifully and had more insight into their characters than lifetimes casting .

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