My Sweet Audrina Promotion


As our Neisha Chetty pointed out ,  Lifetime seems to have been cursed with a Swiss cheese memory like our beloved Audrina when it comes to promotion for the movie , which will premiere tomorrow evening at 8 pm Central time.

In complete contrast to its blitz of publicity for FITA and POTW,  where fans were ecstatic at photo shoots , pictures from set , interviews and live tweets from its cast and crew months  before it being shown – Audrina has been as secluded as the Whitefern Estate.


Even the fantastic V C Andrews Movies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were unable to find out any info and AtticSecrets were one of the groups approached by a undisclosed source to help with promotion.

However,  requests for movie stills and other sources to do so were ignored by Lifetime.  Fans were confused with this but it soon became apparent as to why when an article by Buzzfeed claimed this was the last V C Andrews adaptation for Lifetime. ……..

Interesting ,  as there is plans afoot to release a Casteel series as exclusively revealed in the Live Chat with Andrew Neiderman back in November co hosted by AtticSecrets and The Dolls Club dependant on viewing figures of Audrina. Is Lifetime getting cold feet with its adaptations?


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