My Sweet Audrina Trailer


So what am I thinking about the MSA trailer?  Well, first up is the hauntingly painful cover of Nine inch nails hurt ….hmmmmm I was wanting a Lana Del Ray Innocence lost type of thing going on but instead we get a mournful girl wailing about deliberately hurting herself in order to FEEL something.

OK,  so whilst it fits in with lifetime s previous trailers of VCA movies of classic covers , I can’t see it fitting for audrina ,  unless the girl in question is Vera who is, let’s face it, emotionally void . Maybe, I’m in the minority as most  members of the group seem to love this. But sorry not me :/

Whilst it looks deliciously dark , I’m worried about the over emotive acting of India and Tessa.


SERIOUSLY Vera needed to be screaming that line like the hell cat she is ! In all her red headed glory of spite and bitterness ….  something i didnt catch in Tessa s 10 second scene . …   which makes ne wonder will they be humanising Vera as they did the Grandmother in Fita ? I honestly hope not :/ For me ,  Vera is the ultimate evil , she’s been warped into something I can’t even comprehend. Although I can understand why she became like that, I can empathise with her to a point but I can’t like her . Believe me ,  I ve tried , it just couldn’t happen :/


And for Audrina? Really the appeal of audrina is her childlike innocence and confusion even when the truth begins unravelling.  India s Audrina already comes across as stroppy teen, angsty  at being secluded from the world and overprotective Damian….. Audrina was never stroppy ,  just confused , questioning at her predicament but still following daddy s orders …to a point.


Glimpse s of Damian and Ellsbeth so far look promising …. Jennifer Copping particularly has stern face aunt Ellsbeth down but lucky 😦 seriously too dowdy and homely to imagine the woman who jiggled so much on the piano whilst drunk her nipples could be seen!  Or her laying reading her romance novel s on a chaise lounge whilst stuffing chocolate s into her mouth.


Which brings me to a trailer scene which shows her possibly miscarrying,  seems like lifetime will kill off sylvia at the same time as Lucky :/ Which misses a huge element of the audrina story ….  sylvia adds an extra dose of suspense and horror into the story and without her the story falls flat.
I mean, seriously ,  I need to hear the creepy childish voice calling Au-dr-ee-na. ……

Also seemingly missing is Billie Lowe, Arden s mother who not only provide some audrina with another female figure in her life ,  but with her extreme disabilities is the obvious signal of what my sweet audrina is all about.

Each character has a disability whether it be psychical, psychological or emotional within this story – Billie sets the most obvious tone ,  but  it isn’t hard to find the others.


Whitefern , itself , is the host of the most horrifying and psychologically disturbing Freak Show disguised as a loving albeit fractured family set up. Not as emotionally devastating as Flowers in the Attic,  it’s far more traumatic ,  disturbing and this could have been done in a sympathetic yet dark manner worthy of the book….. so far the trailer seems to show us a more melodramatic ,  emotionally charged adaptation which to me has left the magic of the book behind.


I am thrilled, however, that  the grave scene is included in what looks like all its rampant glory . And my does it look rampant  but even then this is very very sexualised,  not the desperate , violent journey of discovery it was intended to be……


So I think it’s fair to say the trailer hasn’t over excited me  …… but it has reminded me just how great the book is …. will the film do it justice ?
we shall see on 9th January whether it’s any good …….

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