Swedish Family recreate Dollanganger Stepbacks


You can always count on Julianne Hannes aka @CorrineFoxworthII to come up with some amazing facts and finds in the VCA world. In fact,  I doubt Malcolm Foxworth s PI could do a better job than she does 😉

This week she bought to the attic some amazing photos of a Swedish Family who had recreated the first two Stepbacks of the Dollanganger saga.


Naturally we are all in awe of what has to be the coolest family ever and love their attention to detail !

The husband and wife team are Julia Dufenvius and Christopher Wollter, both professional models and can been found on instagram.

Thanks to Jules find i suspect we all want to recreate our own vca stepbacks – I think I could do a good Dark Angel; ) – but not only that ,I desperately want to see the family do the rest of the saga

One Comment Add yours

  1. Justin S. says:

    This is so amazing! Love it.
    (And p.s. I have a new 41popCulture review coming out on the Lifetime Dollanganger adaptations, and I give AtticSecrets1979 a shout out for being so awesome.)


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