Virginias Message on Child Abuse

One of our members, Candace Marie Butler who also runs the highly successful Whispered Dreams Theatre , a VCANDREWS role play, on Facebook shared with us her fantastic essay in which she cites Virginia Andrews works as an example of the continuous cycle of child abuse within families.


As Candaces essay not only displays the insight our members have when it comes to Virginia s works it also highlights just how much more Virginia’s work involved.

The Dollanganger saga for example , not only tells the story of abuse of four children by their mother and grandmother both psychically and emotionally , it tells us of both the mothers and grandmothers childhood abuse in these forms . Its the classic example of the abused becoming the abuser.

Following on from the childrens escape from the attic, Cathy propells herself into an abusive marriage , never able to escape the horror of the attic nor able to find self acceptance and deliberately punishing herself subconsciously through choices which make her a perpetual victim of her past.

Even over a decade on , her younger sister Carrie so emotionally scarred from her experiences is so filled with self loathing she commits suicide rather than live.

Christopher, their brother, is the change in this cycle , the abused refuses to become the abuser. He provides the stable environment for Cathys children when her traumatic past threatens to overwhelm her and engulf her children with its repercussions.

Candace is completely right, Virginia wrote in her sagas about the family cycle of abuse but also about how it affects the generations it touches and the NEED for the change.

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