Flowers in the Attic to appear on Broadway

Yesterday #ConversationsLive with Cyrus Webb released an Interview with Andrew Neiderman regarding the news that, due to the success of Christopher Bentivegna s production of Flowers in the Attic: The Stage Play which had its world premiere in New Orleans this August , interest had been renewed in Neidermans adaptation of the V C Andrews story.

You may remember that Christopher Bentivegna s production gathered rave reviews and it seems to have boosted popularity for the stage play itself , with the ebook download of the play script having gone from selling at 99cents to now on retail at $2.49 !!!!!!  Great Success for Neiderman indeed.

Now Mr Neiderman has revealed that the renewed interest means the next production of the play will be in New York – this time with a different director as Christopher Bentivegna is extremely busy with his See em on Stage productions company productions of a New Brain and also The Terminator in development and is located in New Orleans.

Hopefully, the new director will look at how wonderful Bentivegna transitioned the hauntingly beautiful story onto the stage and use that as a template to continue Bentivegna s inspired, yet respectful work of what is V C Andrews most beloved novel.

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