Corrines Plan


This week one of our favourite tweeters Marisol K asked @AtticSecrets79 if Corrine really was smart enough to have thought up the poisoning plan by herself ?

I put her question to the AtticSecrets group and we had , as usual, a great discussion on this and all things Corrine

Everyone has an opinion on Corrine and heres some of the best comments , we hope you enjoy and comment too on your opinion

“Let’s think about this. Poisoning donuts by putting arsenic on the powdered sugar is actually a ridiculous idea. Very dramatic and drastic. In the play, and seeing the Corrine character live and in person, based on how she was (at least in her own mind) able to solve any problem…and usually with a creative flourish. Then yes, I believe she could have come up with this plan on her own. After all, she was giving them something they could enjoy as well. Another one of her special presents.”
Christopher Bentivegna – director of the FITA stage play

“I think it all goes back to the hansel and gretal idea.  She was the wicked witch using sweets to kill them.”
Jennifer Clark – AtticSecrets Admin

It was Corrine… all Corrine. Olivia was a voyeur, she liked to watch people screw up then judge them, so Im sure when Corrine told her this ludicrous plan, Olivia was enchanted. Besides, it was a win win…. regardless of the outcome, Corrine was a bad person and Olivia off the hook.

What I dont get is why Corrine thought the kids wouldn’t figure it out, as they died one by one. She knew how smart they were. I dont believe for one second she wanted to make them sick to sneak them out…..if that were true she would have been planning that from day one.

That whore. 😦 ”

Toni Persutti- Corrines greatest fan and AtticSecrets admin

“I think the children went into the attic not intended to ever come out.  I think it was Malcom’s plan from day one.  I think he knew everything from day one and Olivia was carrying out his plan.  Corrine maybe didn’t know from the beginning but she found out at some point and went along with it for the
jennifer Clarke

“I think Olivia is more conflicted than that. Even if the GW wrote GOS, we have to take that into consideration. And she was torn.”

“I agree with Jennifer Clark as to Malcolm’s plan with Olivia carrying it out . Corrine I believe did not know at the beginning but as events spiralled out of her control she felt she had to act – the problem is Corrine wanted it all . I actually believe her confession , I just dont think she confessed everything …. she was still keeping something back. Her child like excitement at revealing she had  come up with a solution by herself – she was actually proud of that ! and she believes thats why she did it …. thats what she makes herself believe …..however, I am with Neisha Chetty on how Olivia may have planted the seed of thought without Corrine realising. Olivia was very machivellian”
Lorraine – Me 😉

“I think greed consumes people more than we know. Mixed with a vain personality can be deadly. I think Corrine was consumed by her self. Once Christopher died she was left with responsibility wich she has never had to really deal with. So she ran home. I dont believe she ever truely loved those kids. She went through the motherly emotions. Once she got her power and money back and saw away out of her burdens she came up with a simple but effective way to rid her self from her burden (kids). Oliva believed them to be evil…so y would she stop Corrine. The old man was dieing i dont think he knew.”
Lindsey – AtticSecrets member

“I don’t think Corrine is particularly smart, though she has a certain shrewdness. I agree with Christopher Bentivegna here, and also with Toni Persutti about Olivia as voyeur. As for Corrine’s various confessions – what is, to me, absolutely terrifying about Corrine is her ability to deceive *herself* so I think she always believed what she was saying. The cognitive dissonance of having truth shown to her is what made her break down at the end of PotW.”
Rachel Kapila – Member and awesomest blogger of casteelkidsstolemygrocercies

“Corrine was cursed with the inability to think rationally and be resonable, she wasn’t stupid she was uneducated, VERY dependant,  and naive, she was brought up in codependent relationships with both her parents, she escaped one codependent relationship by getting into another codependent relationship with Chris (who was an enabler of a nicer kind). Corrine never had to take care of herself because she was never taught how and she never expected to ever need to learn how. The thing with people born and raised on codependacy, bad things happen when they’re little secure world crumbles and they’re left alone to take care of themselves and have to provide for others, they get desperate FAST, and resort to extreme measures rather than practical decisions because they fear the absolute worst. For instance, a normal person would accept the fact that they would have to downsize considerably to an appartment and would start  looking for a job and would begin to be frugal with money(as my grandmother did in the late 50’s when my Grandpa left her after gambling away all of their money), a person suffering from codependancy doesn’t consider that because they’re too comsumed with fearing the unknown and doubting themselves, their imagination starts working overtime and they automatically start seeing themselves living on the streets and getting mugged or killed or forced into prositution, they never consider themselves capable of getting a job and supporting themselves on their own because to them the idea of them being successfully independant is an unreachable fantasy they truly believe they can’t achieve. This is the very reason we still hear of mothers who kill their kids, because codependancy is still a very real psychological problem with tragic reprocussions.

I also like Neisha Chetty ‘s theory that Malcolm told her they were more inbred than she originally thought, and after finding out Chris was her half brother, she stopped seeing them as human and started seeing them as genetic mistakes that needed to be put down, she saw the twins not growing and attributed that to the genetic deformities of incest and that was when she made the decision to kill them seeing it as an act of love thinking she was putting them out of their misery and sparing them a hard life of sin by having them die young and innocent.”

Julianne Hannes – Member, honoury admin and Corrine Foxworth II


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