Doesnt everybody love their mother ?

“There are some mothers you can’t love because they simply dont want you to love them ”

A sad statement and one that tells us so much about the characters of Corrine and Olivia.

What in particular were Olivias motivations behind this?

Why didn’t she want Corrine to love her ?

In my opinion , I think she didn’t want the love of someone who was a constant reminder of her husbands betrayal and sin.

She couldn’t see Corrine as a person – just a constant reminder of her hurt and pain which turned into bitterness and jealousy.
She didn’t want love from such a betrayal.
Corrine was also a constant reminder of the part she played in her husbands deception.
And Corrine represented everything she was not and could never be. Plus her husband favoured the girl and loved her in a way that olivia had never been nor never would.
To Olivia , Corrine was a living , breathing reminder of all her own insecurities , everything she disliked about herself …..
Olivia chose to turn away from love and instead focus on hate with Corrine … which brings me to how it was for Corrine growing up , knowing that the woman that gave “birth” to you acts like you are worthless by her inability to love you – how damaging to Corrine s self worth would that have been ? and when did she get to the point where her mother s hatred for her was reflected back ?

Toni Persutti continues with :
Mothers are one person that can make you feel safe and secure, and worthless and awful at the same time. As children, we CRAVE our mothers love, people can make mistakes, but after repetitive mistakes they become choices.
Olivia claimed she loved Corrine in GOS. I wish GOS was more consistent with the rest of the books, I understand that Oliva as the protagonist wouldn’t show her “mean streak” and she had to make herself be the victim to show justification, but come on. Olivia was heartless and cruel…. and intimidated by any kind of beauty. I am going to go out on a limb here and say this, in Olivia’s defense ( BIG GASP) I don’t think MALCOLM wanted her to love Corrine, and we know he only wanted Corrine to love HIM… (HIS mommy issues come into play here)…. So Olivia was screwed no matter what she did…. what I can’t figure out is why she didn’t leave with her children. She had enough money to support them nicely, instead she subjected the boys to Malcolm’s mental abuse, and dealt with it herself. To me THAT is what made Olivia a bad mother, not protecting her children when she had the means of doing so.

Have you guys noticed that ALL the “Mothers” in the FITA series are Mothers who never had a “real” Mother???
It is no wonder they are all so funked up. 😦

In my opinion thats brilliant insight as ever 🙂 And I love the three parts Tonis picked up that I hadn’t even considered  – Firstly, the choice part of “dont want you to love them ” – you are right Toni Persutti , Olivia deliberately chose it to be this way .Secondly, it is more than probable Malcolm didn’t want her to love Corrine because he didn’t he didn’t want Corrine to love anyone else. Its obvious he foistered her dislike of Corrine by giving her more love and attention than her , his own wife .
Which makes me wonder – Olivia was a strong , supposedly clever woman , why could she not see she was playing into his hands by her treatment of Corrine ? Was she really that blinded by jealousy ? Wouldn’t it have been more satisfying to get Corrine to love her ?

And the mothers who never had real mothers …. Olivia, Corrine and Cathy in Dollanganger

Leigh and Heaven in Casteels – makes you wonder how much of a mother to Jillian , Jana was ?

And lastly , Sylvia and Audrina with lucky
Vera with Ellsbeths
makes you wonder what Lucky and Ellsbeths mothers were like ?

So , more to think on , the complexity of the mother and daughter relationship that V C Andrews novels feature. Why do you suppose this is ? Do you agree with Toni and mines analysis of Corrine and Olivia s ?


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  1. Justin S says:

    I think religion is a big factor as to why Olivia would never have left Malcolm. Divorce is a big no-no in the Bible, and considering the fanatics they were, divorce probably would never even enter her mind. I think that would stretch out to leaving him, in general. She took her marriage vows to be before God and therefore, for better or for worse.


    1. That’s an excellent point Justin. I think in this day and age where religion isn’t as adhered to as in the past its easy to judge someone based on our understanding of the world. We tend to forget Olivia was this extremely religious woman so although she could have left and be independent, it would have been against her strict religious morals. Thanks for bringing this to the debate , I totally agree with you here …its a big factor to consider


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