Interview with Lost Angels of VCA Jessica Zinder


1. tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a VCA fan ?


When I was young I had heard a lot about V.C. Andrews and of course seeing her books around but never got really into it until I was in high school and a sophomore.  I was more into Sci-fi and fantasy.  I was going into surgery and my favorite writers and not written anything new.  So I was working at a bookstore at that time and saw her books and thought why not?  The movie (the 1987 one not Lifetime.) was being made and people were talking about it.  I exercised my total stupidity and bought Garden of Shadows and also Flowers in the Attic thinking that is how it went. (I don’t recommend reading them this way.)  Well it took only that until I was hooked and sci-fi and fantasy took a back seat to what became a true fan of her work.  I am a certified vet Tech but right now I am a stay at home mother with a 7 year old son, a dog (who thinks he’s human) and 2 Guinea pigs.


2. You’ve been admin on the lost angels of VCA for some time tell us how did that come about ? Any highlights …


At first was a member and that came about when I was part of another board also dedicated to V.C. Andrews.  I was member on the board and I made a mistake. I voiced my opinion (I cannot even remember what it was about.) I didn’t go with all the others opinion and it turned the board into a bunch of sixth grade girls attacking me, which finally got me dumped from the board.  Not like I was ready to leave anyway.  I Google her name found a few other boards Lost Angels seemed to have the most going on it.  I did a post on GOTGM and got some feedback and I been there ever since.

I became a moderator when Laura (Lost Angles Administrator) PMed me and asked me if I would like to help.  I guess she saw I was on the board a lot and I would be able to moderate (make sure we were all playing fair.)  Since being dumped from a board that has nothing of the sort I jumped at the chance.


3. You have many achievements in the VCA fandom. What are some of  your most amazing VCA achievements ?


I am mostly known for the archives, which thanks to you I was able to do.  I consider that a high achievement.  More minor things are finding out things that some people might not know about I think of those as personal achievements.  I do hope to do more.


4. You have a pretty impressive collection, can you tell us about them, how do you collect VCA memorabilia ?


I look and look and look.  Then when I am done I look some more a true collector never knows where his or her next find will be.  As for books I look in many used book stores and try to find that one book I need I try to find mint copies and then are the movies and other stuff that I like to have.  I am one of the only people who bought the only licensed V.C. Andrews Tee which I like stuff that are not only her books.


5. Has the resurgence of VCA greatly impacted you ?


Not personally although I do like too be able to talk to people and at least now know of her like they did in her hay day.  For a while I just got blank stares or one time my father being a good guy went to a book store to find books like VC Andrews and he brought back vampire books that are nothing like V.C. Andrews.  I have no idea where the woman from the store got the idea that those were anything like V.C. Andrews they were good but they were no VC.  I love now everyone knows about her new things to collect things to see moves and god willing a play.  Believe it or not I have signed up for acting lesions just on the off chance FITA comes here and holds auditions.


6. What can we the fans look forward to from Cleo the Dog ?


I don’t know but I can’t wait to find out.  I have hope that in some way I can get the unpublished books published even just print on demand.  With the popularity of VC. coming back I hope that isn’t a lost dream.  There is a deep part that one day I might even be able to write a VC novel if AN doesn’t want to finish the Secret Brother I know I can. J

 Interview by Neisha Chetty

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