Quote of the Day : Why was the wind always trying to tell me something ?

Quote of the day…….POTW


“Then the wind came in with Bart and blew the vase of roses from the table. I stood and stared down at the crystal pieces and the petals scattered about. Why was the wind always trying to tell me something? Something I didn’t want to hear!”

Jennifer Clark of AtticSecrets asked our members earlier this week :

“This quote is full of so much of VCA and her hidden meanings that I am geeking out even reading it!! The wind came in with Bart!!! It blew the roses!!! The petals were scattered about!!! What was the wind telling her???”

As usual we had some pretty great responses from our members , all with their unique insight into this quote

Ok , Barts arrival in potw symbolically represented his arrival in fita. Bart bought an extra force (the wind) into corrines life and the vase that protected the children (corrine) broke into pieces from the added pressure , leaving the children vulnerable and broken (quite like her European honeymoon) , scattered and unsure like the representive  petals here. This whole scene was trying to tell Cathy that Bart was as much as a danger to her now as he was then

Christopher Bentivegna :

Ok. Just to be a little contrary. What if the vase represents containment and restriction? Roses represent love. When Bart enters the picture figuratively and literally in FITA, Cathy’s love for Christopher is challenged. Christopher, in a sense, attempts to bind Cathy to him forever by becoming her first lover. “You’re mine Cathy! Mine. No matter who comes into your future. You’ll always belong to me.”…putting her rose alongside his permanently in a metaphorical vase. With Bart, this vase is no longer a safe protector of this love. Bart is a powerful force in Cathy’s life (like the wind) and with him her love for Christopher is challenged…broken… scattered. Could Bart set her free from her haunted attic past and her ‘unholy’ love for her brother? Does she want to be released from that confinement, despite her emotional and physical attachment to Christopher? “…the wind always trying to tell me something. Something I didn’t want to hear.” Telling her that maybe she does need to be set free from Christopher, which she certainly knows HE doesn’t want to hear, and to do so will leave broken pieces everywhere. Her vision of the perfect rose is just that…a vision. She will forever be chasing those petals and trying to piece them together. Perhaps she eventually succeeds but for now the presence of the wind threatens that. The love she has for Christopher and his for her is only protected by delicate glass. Her imprisoned attic flower is being set free…but at what cost?

Destiny :

I interpreted it as Bart being dangerous and Cathy should leave before something more serious than a vase gets broken

Jennifer :
I think Bart was a threat whether he meant to be or not.  To start with his relationship with Corrine took away from them when they were locked up.  During his honeymoon was when they were treated the worst.  Corrine also started poisoning them after that.  Also Cathy’s need for revenge was fed by him.  Next up the seed of there affair….Bart Jr.  enough said.

Neisha :
There were some truly wonderful responses to this ! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is a pity though we didn’t get the perspective of Lulabel Johnson  , who is one of our resident deep thinkers as well.

A lot of this “stems” from knowing what the “wind” represents and what the “roses” represents. Christopher Bentivegna’s symbolic explanation of what the vase and roses represents is sheer brilliance. And he asks the most important question ! What is the COST of Cathy letting go of Chris ? What does it do to her ? And I’m going to provide some framework for you guys to put together and come up with how you would answer Chris B’s question … 

It’s all going to question that bond between Chris and Cathy and why it is was so deep and so intense that as Bart Jr will mention later in SOY … “That only death could break it” paraphrased. And we know Death couldn’t … Actually (SOY END). So here’s the raw material for you guys to work with …

1. “Then don’t ever leave me! Forget about being a doctor! Stay with me! Don’t go and leave me! I’m afraid of myself without you! Sometimes I do crazy things. Chris, please don’t leave me alone. I’ve never been alone, please
“I have to be a doctor,” he said, then groaned. “Ask me to give up anything
  else, and I’d say yes. But don’t ask me to give up the only thing that’s
  held me together. You wouldn’t give up dancing–would you?”
I didn’t know, as I responded to his demanding ” Petals on the Wind

2. Just how dangerous is Bart Sr to Chris and Cathy (if any) … Does his allegiance lie with Corrine, Olivia or with his family the Winslows whom the Foxworth’s were instrumental in bringing down ?

” But he didn’t love me, I knew that. Bart was using me as a substitute for
his wife, and when she came back I’d never see him again. I knew it, knew
  it, but still I took and I gave until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. When I slept, I dreamed. Julian was in the silver music box my father had given me when I was six. Round and round he spun, his face ever turning toward me, accusing me with his jet eyes, and then he grew a moustache and was Paul, who only looked sad. I ran fast to set him free from death in a music box turned into a coffin-and then it was
Chris inside, his eyes closed, his hands folded one over the other on his
chest … dead, dead. Chris!
I awoke to find Bart gone and my pillow wet with tears. Momma, why did
you start this, why?”

3. What was really Momma’s fault ? And what was Cathy actually truly avenging ? (That answer can be found in ITBT – Chris and Cathy’s fight over Cindy’s adoption.

Plenty of food for thought which Jennifer s Quote of the day always inspires – What do you our readers make of this ? Do you agree with our members or do you have your own thoughts ? Feel free to comment below as we always love to hear from others

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  1. Crystal says:

    I always thought the chaaracter of billie was virgina inspired

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    1. Quite possibly x


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