FITA: The Stage Play Set Design


The set of FITA: the stage play has gathered as many rave reviews as the cast and production itself.

It cleverly transports the audience into the attic atmosphere , making them feel as trapped as the children they are watching.

Lorraine Elgar of AtticSecrets , speaks to designer Matthew Collier on how he was inspired to create such an iconic set.

“Chris and I talked a lot about what we wanted the attic to look like as far as our own artistic visions, but more than that we really wanted the audience to feel like they were becoming trapped in the attic as well. That’s why the floors that were built extended so far (underneath the entire first row) and also why we altered the shape of the space a bit. We really wanted something fresh and eerie, and I think we found it.”

“Our overall plan was to create this conceptual garden of sorts, where these children are trying to flourish, but simply cannot. It meshed really well with the unfinished look that most attics have.  We actually stuck pretty close to the architectural reality with how the walls came out. What was great was the idea of the exposed wires extending all over the walls. If this was a real garden, they would be vines instead, and it’s just a symbol of how the growth of these children have truly stopped and nothing is authentic for them anymore.    Gardens are one of God’s favorite places as well, he tempts and tests us in them all the time, and that idea plays great against Oliva’s character and her religious fanaticism. Everything really fell together after that, even Older Cathy’s balcony, we just arrived at yellow very suddenly, but it felt so right because it is mentioned in the text so prominently in the original novel.”


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