Petals on the Wind Timeline


November 13, 1960 – Sunday  Chris, Cathy, and Carrie have escaped Foxworth Hall and are on a bus to Florida. While traveling through South Carolina, Carrie becomes terribly ill. The children meet Henrietta Beech, and she takes them to her employer, Dr. Paul Sheffield, in Clairmont. After their examination, the children tell their tale and Paul takes them in.

November 30, 1060 – Wednesday  Chris’s 18th birthday.

December 1, 1960 – Thursday  Paul petitions for legal guardianship of the children. Their mother, Corrine Foxworth, is given three weeks to respond.

December 21, 1960 – Tuesday  Paul takes the children Christmas shopping.

December 22, 1960 – Wednesday  The date of the court hearing to determine legal guardianship of the children. Corrine Foxworth does not attend. Dr. Paul Sheffield is granted legal guardianship.

December 25, 1960 – Sunday  • The children are taken to see The Nutcracker, performed by the Rosencoff School of Ballet. Julian Marquet is the lead male dancer. Madame Rosencoff (aka Madame Marisha) offers Cathy an audition for the Rosencoff School of Ballet in Greenglenna.  • That night, Chris and Cathy have an intimate moment under the Christmas tree.

December 26, 1960 – Monday  Cathy arrives for her audition at 1:00pm. She meets 19 year-old Julian Marquet. During the audition, Cathy experiences severe cramps and bleeding. She is rushed to the hospital, where a D&C is performed.

January 2, 1961 – Monday  Cathy begins her studies at the Rosencoff School of Ballet.

January 9, 1961 – Monday  Carrie is enrolled in Miss Emily Dean Calhoun’s School for Properly Bred Young Ladies, which is located ten miles from Clairmont.

January 10, 1961 – Tuesday  • Chris leaves for his prep school for boys, which is located thirty miles outside of Clairmont.  • Paul begins to succumb to Cathy’s advances.

February 4, 1961 – Saturday  Julian flies down from New York to visit Cathy.

February 18, 1961 – Saturday  • Cathy has her first date with Julian.  • Paul tells Cathy the tragic story of his wife Julia and son Scotty.  • Corrine begins to renovate Bart Winslow’s childhood home in Greenglenna.

April 6, 1961 – Thursday  Cathy’s 16th birthday.

April 8, 1961 – Saturday  Paul throws Cathy a surprise birthday party.

May 5, 1961 – Friday  Carrie’s 9th birthday.

May 11, 1961 – Thursday  After an incident with Sissy Towers, Carrie is not allowed to go home for the weekend.

May 13, 1961 – Saturday  Carrie is gagged and bound, and forced onto the school roof by Sissy Towers and the eleven other girls who were denied weekend leaves.

May 13, 1961 – Sunday  Carrie’s school reports her missing. Paul, Chris, and Cathy rush to the school. Lacy St. John tells them what happened. They find Carrie in the attic, her leg broken. Carrie never returns to Miss Emily Dean Calhoun’s School.

July 1961  Corrine and Bart’s second wedding anniversary. Corrine goes to the French Riveria.

May 13, 1962 – Sunday  The children have been in Paul’s care for a year and a half.

August 1962  Chris finishes his first year of Duke University. He gets a summer job as a waiter.

September 8, 1962 – Saturday  Cathy sees Corrine and Bart in Greenglenna.

September 14, 1962 – Friday  Cathy and Paul become lovers.

November 22, 1962 – Thursday  Cathy announces at Thanksgiving dinner that she wants to go back to Virginia to find Cory’s grave.

December 6, 1962 – Thursday  Paul takes the children to Virginia to search for Cory’s death record. They find no death records, hospital admissions, or cemetery records for a child Cory’s age in October 1960. They drive to Foxworth Hall to see it “at least once in the daylight, on the outside.”

December 25, 1962 – Tuesday  Cathy dances the leads in The Nutcracker and Cinderella opposite Julian.

January 25, 1963, Friday  Cathy graduates from high school.

January 26, 1963 – Saturday  Cathy moves to New York with Julian, where she joins Madame Zolta’s Ballet Company. She takes the stage name Catherine Dahl.

August 5, 1963 – Monday  Cathy gets the lead role for a TV production of The Nutcracker.

September 5, 1963 – Thursday  Cathy gets the lead role in Sleeping Beauty.

September 6, 1963 – Friday  Paul visits New York and proposes to Cathy.

December 24, 1963 – Tuesday  Cathy returns to Clairmont to spend Christmas with her family.

December 26, 1963 – Thursday  • Cathy informs Chris of her engagement to Paul.  • Cathy spots Corrine in a jewelry store in Greenglenna.

February 7, 1964 – Friday  • Cathy gets the lead role in Romeo and Juliet.  • Paul’s sister, Amanda, visits Cathy and tells her that Julia is alive and living in an institution. She also tells Cathy that the D&C she had in 1960 was a miscarriage.  • Cathy and Julian become lovers.

February 14, 1964 – Friday*  Cathy marries Julian. (*The book says this was a Saturday, but it’s a Friday by the calendar.)

February 15, 1964 – Saturday  Newlyweds Cathy and Julian arrive in London with the ballet company.

March 20, 1964 – Friday  • Cathy returns to Clairmont with Julian, where she announces to Paul that they are married.  • Georges Rosencoff, Julians father, dies. The funeral is March 25th.

March 27, 1964 – Friday  Chris returns home from college for Easter.

January 11, 1965 – Monday  Chris starts his fourth year of college and first year of medical school.

January 16, 1965 – Friday  Chris visits Cathy in New York.

1966  Cathy’s contract with Madame Zolta ends. Julian becomes Cathy’s manager.

August 1967  Carrie goes to New York by herself to visit Cathy. Julian sexually assaults her.

May 12, 1968 – Sunday  Cathy and Julian visit Spain. Corrine, who is in Spain at the time, flees to London.

May 26, 1968 – Sunday  After being physically and sexually assaulted by Julian, Cathy drugs him and leaves him alone in Spain so she can return to the States to attend Chris’s graduation.

May 27, 1968 – Monday  Chris graduates from medical school.

June 4, 1968 – Monday  • Cathy realizes she is pregnant and returns to New York. Chris goes with her.  • During a rehearsal for Giselle, Julian crushes Cathy’s toes as punishment for abandoning him in Spain.  • Julian and Yolanda are involved in a car accident. Yolanda is killed and Julian is paralyzed.

June 13, 1968 – Thursday  • Yolanda is buried.  • Julian is found dead–the intravenous tube that was keeping him alive had been cut.

June 20, 1968 – Thursday  • Julian’s funeral, in Clairmont.  • Cathy returns to live in Paul’s home.  • Chris interns at Clairmont Hospital, having given up a better position to stay near Cathy.

February 14, 1969 – Friday  Julian “Jory” Janus Marquet is born.

June 27, 1969 – Friday  Carrie graduates from high school.

December 25, 1969 – Thursday  Paul begins to court Cathy.

September 1971  Chris accepts a residency at The Mayo Clinic (in Rochester, Minnesota).

October 1971  • Chris leaves for The Mayo Clinic.  • Corrine and Bart return to Greenglenna.  • Cathy begins working with Madame Marisha.

November 1971  Cathy moves into her own cottage halfway between Clairmont and Greenglenna. Deeply in debt, she sends a blackmail letter to Corrine.

February 21, 1972 – Monday  Cathy makes an appointment with Bart Winslow regarding Julian’s life insurance policy.

March 2, 1972 – Tuesday  Bart Winslow succeeds in getting Julian’s life insurance firm to pay.

March 9, 1972 – Tuesday  Bart takes Cathy out to dinner.

May 5, 1972 – Friday  Carrie’s 20th birthday.

May 6, 1972 – Saturday  Cathy leaves Clairmont for Virginia, ready to put her plan for revenge into action. She takes Carrie and Jory with her.

May 1972  Cathy buys a cottage and a ballet school in town, near Foxworth Hall.

June 17, 1972 – Saturday  Carrie tells Cathy about Alex Rockingham, who asked her out on a date.

June 24, 1972 – Saturday  • Cathy invites Paul to Virginia for the weekend. Carrie and Alex join them for dinner.  • Cathy has a nightmare, which makes her run to Carrie’s room to make sure she’s okay.

July 16, 1972 – Sunday  Carrie tells Cathy that Alex proposed to her. Carrie worries that she’s not perfect enough to be a minister’s wife. She confesses that Julian sexually abused her in New York.

July 28, 1972 – Friday  Carrie becomes ill–not eating, losing weight, vomiting, her hair falling out.

August 1, 1972 – Tuesday  Carrie sees Corrine in town and is rejected by her. (Carrie tells this to Cathy on her deathbed.)

August 2, 1972 – Wednesday  • Bart Winslow appears at Cathy’s ballet school to confront her about the blackmail letter. Cathy tells him it’s not a good time and he leaves.  • At 6:00pm, Cathy goes home to find Carrie very ill and rushes her to the hospital. Paul arrives the next day.

August 4, 1972 – Friday  Chris arrives at the hospital. He and Cathy realize that Carrie has been poisoning herself with arsenic, so she can be with Cory.

August 7, 1972 – Monday  Alex, distraught over Carrie’s deteriorating health, tells Cathy that she had been rejecting him for a week.

August 8, 1972 – Tuesday  Carrie dies, with Cathy at her side.

August 15, 1972 – Tuesday  • Carrie’s funeral, in Clairmont. Cathy spies a woman in black hiding in the shadows, crying.  • Chris moves to Charlottesville to be a resident at the University of Virginia.

September 9, 1972 – Saturday  Bart Winslow finds Cathy in a cafe and questions her about the blackmail letters. He takes her for a walk along some train tracks, which happen to be the same tracks where the children first arrived in 1957.

September 17, 1972 – Sunday  Chris arrives for the weekend.

November 18, 1972 – Saturday  • Bart tells Cathy about the Grandmother’s poor health–unable to speak or move on her own.  • Cathy invites Bart to dinner at her cottage.  • Bart sexually assaults Cathy.

November 19, 1972 – Sunday  Bart sends Cathy roses, then turns up for dinner. They become lovers.

November 23, 1972 – Thursday  Cathy visits Foxworth Hall and punishes the Grandmother.

December 18, 1972 – Monday  Corrine returns to Greenglanna from her spa trip in Texas.

December 1972  Cathy and Corrine run into each other at the post office. Corrine is very nervous and has a brief interaction with little Jory.

December 21, 1972 – Thursday  Cathy tells Bart she is pregnant with his child.

December 25, 1972 – Monday  • At 10:00pm, Cathy enters Foxworth Hall and steals her mother’s jewels.  • At 10.30pm, Cathy enters the attic and tries to contact Cory’s spirit. She finds a small hidden room that has “a very peculiar odor… like something dead and rotten.”

December 26, 1972 – Tuesday  • At 12:00am, Cathy announces her identity to the guests at the party, dressed in a replica of her mother’s outfit from 1957. Bart drags Corrine and Cathy into the library where the Grandmother is seated. Corrine confesses that she is Cathy’s mother and explains her reasons for doing what she did. Chris arrives and Corrine breaks down, thinking he is Chris Sr. She runs from the room screaming.  • Foxworth Hall is on fire.  • Bart and the Grandmother die in the fire.  • Corrine is committed to an asylum.

December 27, 1972 – Wednesday  Cathy returns to South Carolina.

December 31, 1972 – Sunday  Cathy marries Paul, who is very ill and bedridden.

July 28, 1973 – Monday  Bart Winslow Jr. is born.

October 31, 1975 – Friday  Paul tells Cathy to go to Chris, after nearly three years of being his wife.

April 10, 1976 – Saturday  Cathy and Paul make love for the first time since they got married.

April 11, 1976 – Sunday  Paul Sheffield dies.

1976  Cathy and Chris take Jory and Bart Jr. and move to California, where they pretend to be man and wife


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