Interview with Ryan Coe of The VCA Movies Page


When Carmen’s Petals on the Wind facebook page merged with Ryan Coe’s  art , it added a new dimension to VCA movies taking it to a higher unique level. It just creates the mood that gets us fans into a frenzy to wanna watch those trailers and crave those little juicy pieces of info Lifetime feeds us. That excitement didn’t go unnoticed by Lifetime and the actors as well, they are started retweeting Ryan’s art and soon Ryan was gaining recognition for his creation. We have the pleasure of reliving those moments with Ryan, his love for VCA, and his achievements as well as his hopes for the future. 1 Hi, Ryan tell us a little about yourself and your experience as a VCA fan ? When I was 12 or 13, I had seen the film from the 80s . I remember it scaring me to death. Four innocent children held captive by a crazy grandmother and locked in a scary spooky attic. It gave me nightmares that had never left my mind. When I go older, I had a friend who introduced me to the books and series. From then on the garden has grown into a life of its own within me. But just over the past three years I have begun collecting anything I could get my hands on.

  1. Where does your inspiration come from when you’re producing these amazing artwork ? When I create my fan art I use a app in my POD or phone and crop, cut, paste and shade. I have always lived film and film posters and ads. I just delved deeper into making and drawing them as the films have been coming out. Its like learning something new or learning a new technique. If you live it, you want to do it more. 3. VCA was an artist herself, have you looked at any of her works ? I hadn’t  known Virginia was an artist until just over the past couple of years. She’s amazing! She inspires me to produce more and step out of my box a bit. I would love to own one of her pieces someday! 4. You work with Carmen on the VCA movies page, how did that come about ? When I discovered the fan page for the films based in the books, I became obsessed with all that got posted. Finally one day about a year ago I sent Carmen a poster for “Petals” and she posted it to the page. Over a matter of a week or two, she would let me know if any of the stars from the films retweeted my art or liked them. It became surreal. To see you’re artwork being retweeted and liked by stars in the films based on the books I was obsessed with. About 7 to 8 months later she asked me if I’d like to help run the page and post any info I find or hear. I of course agreed. I am a very thankful fan! She has been so supportive!  5. What can we expect from Ryan Coe in the future ? I would love to work in the graphic design for films by doing graphic ads and posters. My dream is to someday create the first V.C. Andrews convention-  The house of flowers, where V.C. fans alike can share what inspired them and show off their collections or sell them. Maybe get some stars from the films for signings or discussion panels! I will continue to produce inspired artwork for the films and books.

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