Interview with Laura of The Lost Angels of VCA Forum


Jennifer the Complete VCA calls the V.C. Andrews Lost Angels Forum“The best VCA message board on the web” … And it is. In fact if you’ve read “Daughter of Darkness”, you’ll see “accidental” reference to it.

The message board consists of in depth discussions, questions, trivia, polls and debates based on all things VCA (of course). The board is created by proud mother of three – Laura Jane Jones (Laura Logan) and moderated by (the awesome) Cleo the Dog and controversial but sweet Layla (Chris)

Lorraine and I are celebrating key role players in the VCA fandom and their contribution. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Jane Jones. In this fascinating short interview, Laura chats candidly about finding the balance between family life and running the board, her love for VCA and her role in the VCA fandom.

Laura tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a VCA fan ? I’m a mother of 3 children, Cory who is 5, Keenan 3 and Keladry who is coming up to 7 months. The first book I read was a Gates of Paradise/Web of Dreams that my mum had on her bookcase. She kept meaning to buy the rest of the Casteel saga but never really got around to it until I started reading the books. Her advice was to go to the library. I had to use her card. Due to the “nature of the books” your card had to be ” adult”. After that I read Heaven, Dark Angel and Fallen Hearts. Then moved onto the Dollanganger saga. Everyone, of course, referred to it as that incest book, which I thought was sad, because there was so much more to the book and series overall, but some people couldn’t get past that. Thank god for my best friend Rosalie lol

What inspired you to create a discussion forum ? All the ones I could find on Yahoo Groups, etc, had been taken over by spammers, mostly of THAT nature. And others just didn’t seem to be used. I think a lot of people just gave up on those groups which was sad, because who was I going to talk about these books with. I was on another forum with a different fandom and had so much fun there, and got to know so many people, that I thought, maybe I’ll just create my own and see where it goes. It went well. My first one I accidently deleted lol so I had to start the current one from scratch. Thankfully most of the members were able to find the board again.

How long has it been running ? Since May 14th 2006. Wow, now I feel old lol

It has a great blend of high discussion mixed with fun – how do you keep the balance? I don’t do it alone. I keep contact with the other mods, let them know if I’m making any changes (which doesn’t happen often) and if something comes up I always check in with them to make sure we come to an agreement on how to manage that situation. I pop in now and then to make sure no one has gotten past to spam the board with porn, but the fandom is full of such a great bunch, that it hardly needs monitoring. I have a lot of faith in the members and the people in the fandom, so I suppose that helps. And if I ever found myself not comfortable with a particular thread, cause it goes against my belief or something, I’d just stay away from it and leave it be, unless I got complaints. It’s only happened once, and me and the mods at the time dealt with it using common sense. The fun side are mostly member started. Sometimes discussions can get pretty intense, so it’s important to have a spot where people can come down from that.

Are you surprised with the popularity of the forum and vca herself? The forum, yes, because when I created it, there were hardly any going, and as fun as websites were, you couldn’t have real good discussions. So that was a surprise. Not a surprise was how many people enjoyed VCA though. I figured with as many websites as there was, there must be plenty of fans to talk to.

Are there going to be any new developments on the forum? Not too sure. We have the Facebook groups now, which can do everything and more than a forum, but there are still members and fans who can’t go on Facebook for various reasons. One of my mods for example. Her parents won’t let her join. And that’s fine. I would like to bring back competitions we had going, and some fan fic and fan art activities that we used to have. I made a community up, but never had the time after two kids to really keep it up, so I just sort of put it on the back-burner, and now with 3 just don’t see me picking it back up. Plus Facebook groups are so much easier to use. There’s no coding, and no having to mass-email, etc . . . But that is one part of the board I wanted to expand on. Is that what you mean? I did also want to expand it to other languages. There is a small section that has the Dollangangers in Spanish, but she’s not very active anymore. She was going to manage the spanish side of things, then I was hoping to bring in fans from Europe, and other areas as well. But I would need someone from each country to mod the forums. I’ve always dreamed of a big international community of fans from all over the world all being able to come together because how COOL would that be?

Be sure and check out the forum

Interview by Neisha Chetty

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