Finding Chris

Finding Chris

By Neisha Chetty

Most people think Virginia is Cathy, but Virginia is Chris jnr too.  When it comes to complexity no VCA male is so carefully crafted more than Chris Jnr.  Virginia put her soul into creating Chris. They mention still waters run deep. Chris Jnr holds his silence and is willing to be blasted by others but he knows the truth about the Foxworths and their legacy. “Chris plucked it out and held it, just staring down at a dead maple leaf as if his very life depended on reading its secret for knowing how to blow in the wind.  No arms, no legs, no wings … but it could fly when dead. ” Flowers in the Attic  He is the man in the shadows. Remove the lies (shadows) around him and you arrive the true meaning..  For me it was a blast, tearing apart the shadows and finding Chris .. And the gold while everybody was looking for the tarnish. “My father always taught me that when something was terribly wrong, there was a reason. And the reason was always hidden. If one wanted to know the truth, one should search for it.” Olivia GOS “But Olivia” he had cautioned me,” when you search the shadows to find that truth, often you find things more horrible, more painful than you would imagine. ” GOS I felt Cathy’s emotion and beauty but I analysed the book as Chris Jnr. It was Chris who held my hand and lead me down corridors, hallways, secret doors to discover what was held in the attic of Virginia’s mind. And that the details are part of a grand design. A puzzle to be put together.  I learnt Chris’s logic “How can one faint and still manage to call for smelling salts?”  he asked sarcastically.  And I applied it in Petals on the Wind to see that there is something sinister behind the deaths. I found that the answers are there, don’t judge the act look behind the intentions …peer behind the veneer “People are multi-faceted, Cathy” Chris If things don’t feel right, question them..

“but I wanted to learn how you can be so intuitive, and so wary and suspicious, when everything seems perfectly normal to me.” Chris to Cathy FITA.

Through Chris, I learnt that this book isn’t merely romantic, mushy stuff, it has symbolic meaning “That kind of story is told in symbols – and Earth represents reality, and reality represents frustrations, chance illnesses, death, murder, and all kinds of other tragedies”

Most people think Virginia is Cathy, but Virginia is Chris jnr too. Chris and Cathy are the facets that make up the whole that is Virginia. Chris is Virginia’s  analytical, symbolic, logical side – the part that believes sticking to your goals and your hopes and aspirations takes away the depression, the destructiveness, the delinquency of a restless angry person. Virginia through Chris Jnr showed us that the path of understanding and forgiveness is better than vengeance and hatred. Through Virginia and Chris, I turned away from hate and looked for understanding and compassion. I wasn’t afraid to make the hard decisions with the best intentions- to choose the lesser sin if I have to and back myself. Through Chris, I’ve learnt to make the best of the worst and not let others destroy me.  Through Virginia and Chris, I found a higher place .. A place where those of us hope and dream that humankind will be united in peace and understanding and live as a family. Through Chris we learn, although we make mistakes, that there is hope, it is never to late to change. -we just have to find it within ourselves to make it better. I want to thank Virginia for the journey, for setting me the puzzle to find Chris Jnr , I found what’s best in humanity and in myself – self worth, true self. There is always the extra-ordinary hidden


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