FITA:The Stage Play Timeline


Act I

25th March
Corrine brings her children to the Northern Room, reveals her father disinherited her for marrying her half uncle.They met their Grandmother for the first time who questions their innocence.

26th March

GM reveals her rules . Catches them cuddling. Is suspicious.The Children realise they are locked in. Corrine is whipped.
The children explore the attic.
Corrine is forced to show them her whip marks.
She explains they will have to stay there a while longer. A month ….until shes written back into the will.

27th March -10th April

Every evening Corrine arrives breathless with gifts. Saturdays and Sundays she can spend more than a few moments with them.
The children pass the time reading and teaching the twins on an old dusty blackboard. Cathy is impatient and not always as modest as she should be.

11th April

Corrine explains her father has given her an allowance. Chris asked how her computer training is going.
Grandmother catches Chris staring out the window.

Weeks pass

Cathy demands for answers grow more persistent. Corrine is afraid her father will find out about the children.

21 st April

That Sunday Corrine doesn’t show up at all to see the children until dinner time. She has been sailing on the lake. She finally confesses to the children the plan is they have to stay hidden until her father is dead. She claims it wont be much longer.
Christopher suggests they decorate the attic …turn it into a garden. The children decide to put on a play.

A Week passes where they practice their play which is based on Gone with the Wind.

4th May

Corrine watches the children perform their play. She watches Chris and Cathys interaction closely and is uncomfortable at their kissing scene.
She announces she is going out to dinner that evening with a friend and her brother in law. She denies she is dating.

Slowly Christopher and Cathys relationship is changing, they begin to look at each other more intently.

Months pass

Cathy and Chris begin to take on the role of parents to the twins the more distant Corrine becomes

29th November

Cathy begins dancing again , thanks to ballet costumes and music gifts from  Corrine.
Cory becomes ill. Cathy taps on the pipes to get attention and help.
The Grandmother comes outraged with Corrine in tow. They refuse to take Cory to the Dr.

9th December

Cory recovers from his illness but is left weak. Both he and Carrie become withdrawn. Corrine continues to bring gifts.

25th December

Cathy begins writing her diary “Flowers in the Attic”.
Corrine arrives and tells them her father is hosting a gala ball and they can watch if they stay hidden.

They notice Corrine with a man. Cathy suggests they go exploring the Hall whilst they can. Christopher refuses as its too dangerous so Cathy suggests they copy the key.
They return to the room and do so.
When they realise it works they proceed to get drunk , Cathy strips and dances for Christopher. The Grandmother walks in ………

Act II

26th December

Corrine visits the children and tells them she is going on a business trip for her father.

Cory calls Christopher Daddy

7th January

The Grandmother walks in and catches Cathy bathing with the door open. She insists Cathy cuts her hair off. She starves the children for four days as Cathy initially refuses.

11th January

Corrine returns and announces she has remarried – to Bart Winslow. She is shocked at the state of Cathys hair , when Chris demands to be let out. She claims her father is near death.

Chris tells Cathy they will start stealing from Corrine to save money to escape.

The children find themselves a pet mouse .

12th January

The doughnuts arrive with the childrens food . The children become lethargic.

26th March
Cory becomes desperately ill and they demand Corrine to take him to hospital
She hesitates.
The Grandmother surprisingly agrees and allows Christopher to carry Cory down to the car.

Upon his return Cathy and Chris begin to comfort each other which turns into sexual consumation.

Cory dies

27th March

Corrine returns and tells the children Cory died of pneumonia. She claims she had him registered under a fake name.

When she leaves , Christopher shows Cathy that Corys pet mouse has also died after eating the sugar off the doughnuts.

He also reveals that the grandfather died ten days ago – he overheard the maids talking when he had been stealing from Corrine.

They discuss going to the police but are scared of being seperated and placed in foster homes.

They wait until dark and simply leave …..

The End

Director of the play,  Christopher Bentivegna , asked AtticSecrets, Lorraine Elgar to create this exclusive timeline for the world premiere of FITA : The Stage Play as a guide for the cast.


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