FITA : The Stage Play location shots

“It is so appropriate to colour hope yellow ,like the sun we seldom saw ”

AtticSecrets Jennifer Clark posted this quotation based on the location shots of FITA :The Stage Play


Here at AtticSecrets,  there is nothing we like more than a bit of analysis, in these beautiful location shots taken by photographer Alexa Kinigopoulos,
Director , Christopher Bentivegna has given the concept of the play in one vision.

Christopher explains :

“For what we were trying to achieve…the specific story we were attempting to tell in this photo…I can’t imagine this being MORE perfect. The photographer did a beautiful job and so did our ‘models’.  :)”

Of course , our members,  came up trumps when discussing the symbolism these gorgeous photos contained.


Carmen of the VCA movies page sums up so perfectly what these series of photos represent to her  :

“I see the picture as their dreams while they were in the attic,  their dreams of being in the sun enjoying the grass enjoying the freedom. Also look Cathy’s face she is dreaming in ballet and a better future but Christopher looks worried like thinking I am the one who have to fix our situation”

Looking at the more intricate symbolism , to me I feel the fact they are laying on the green grass , the green which symbolises death in the book , dressed purely in white surrounded by yellow sunflowers represents the death of their purity, hopes and dreams whilst locked away in the attic.  The outside world , is the dreamlike state here captured in the photo , where they are still surrounded by sunshine , they are pure , their hopes and dreams are alive and the flowers grow…..

Christopher Bentivegna hints that the photo of the four children tells a specific story :

“This picture is more than meets the eye. It tells a VERY specific story.
All of the metaphors! All of the symbolism! 🙂 ”

Lulubel comments on this :

“Hmmm, Cory is separate on his back holding the flower, the other three are together holding each other and looking ahead in one direction.  Makes me think of Cory’s death and the other three moving on.  And their three flowers are unplucked perhaps?”

Another brilliant debate , another mystery in the Attic,  Christopher Bentivegna has not yet revealed his answer – what do you think ?


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