FITA : The Stage Play Interview with Levi Hood (Christopher Dollanganger)


Levi Hood , takes on the role of Christopher Dollanganger in FITA : The Stage Play, here Lorraine Elgar of AtticSecrets speaks to him about Chris , the book , and , of course those fan girls 😉

Hi Levi,  First can you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but I now live in New Orleans studying film at the University of New Orleans. I was in my first theatre production at UNO two years ago and immediately fell in love with the stage. Since then I have done a number of shows around the city using each one as a learning experience. I am tremendously excited to be part of a universe as loved as V.C. Andrews’.

Christopher Doll has a very large fan base – are you prepared for the hoards of fan girls ? Have they tracked you down already ?

Haha, well nobody has tracked me down yet. I guess I should start preparing to fend off these hoards. If that doesn’t work I’ll probably just hide in an attic. That is the last place they would look, right?

How do you see Chris ?

Christopher in the play is a bit different than the Christopher in the book. He is two years older and therefore has two more years of vital social experience outside the attic. He feels he has a duty to his father to protect his family, but he is still only seventeen. He is a boy thrown into a hard situation and he has a lot of anger he tries to suppress.

Why do you think its so important to him to keep believing in his mother ?

Because she’s his mother. Now I understand that may not be reason enough for everyone, but the relationship the family has before going into the attic was a very close and trusting one. Corrine is also the only adult figure he has to look to for solace. Chris is only seventeen after all; a boy. He is not truly ready to take on the world and support his three younger siblings alone.

How are you finding the love scene?

It has been tricky. Am I right Christopher Bentivegna? In all seriousness though, it’s different than the book. The relationship between Cathy and Chris in the book develops over a span of three years but the events of the play take place within one year. This makes it harder but not impossible to justify their (spoiler) incestuous relationship. I believe the Chris in the play has had taboo feelings for Cathy even before coming to the attic that he may not have even consciously realized or had suppressed, not fully understanding these feelings, until being stuck with her twenty-four-seven in a confined space. More specifically though we have been approaching the love scene as a forbidden, intimate moment meant to comfort during a time of extreme tragedy and sadness.

Another fantastic interview and again fabulous insight showing just how spectacular this play is going to be 🙂


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