FITA : The Stage Play Interview with Mary Pauley (Olivia Foxworth)


Mary Pauley , plays the iconic role of Olivia Foxworth in the world premiere of FITA : The Stage Play.  Photos of her in rehearsals are gathering rave reviews due to her amazingly emotive expressions.

Lorraine Elgar of AtticSecrets recently had the pleasure in interviewing before the premiere to find out her thoughts on the role .

Hi Mary , I ve been told you are a very talented and established actress. How does this role differ from previous roles ?

Thank you for the kind remarks.  Every role is different because every person an actor “gives legs to” is a unique individual.  My preparation for this role is no different than for most roles.  I do what the script tells me to do.  (I am not referring to stage directions!)  The informed result is then tempered by relationships with other characters and with the director’s guidance.  What’s really different for me about this role is that it’s part of a world premiere of a play adapted from a well-loved cult classic novel.

What do you feel about the controversial theme and your characters actions ?

The fact that a play has controversial themes doesn’t frighten me away from a script; I have to be comfortable with what my character does within the context of any play.  Controversial themes get an audience talking and communication is a positive thing. 

I do, however, have to be able to justify my character’s actions within the context of the play in question.

  A character may make choices that I personally consider unhealthy but if I can understand the character’s motivations, I may be comfortable in the role.

How does it feel to be part of such a historic premiere ?

  I am working with talented actors and a talented director in a collaborative environment.  The rehearsal process is stimulating and energizing.


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