FITA : The Stage Play Interview with Edward Boudreaux (Cory Dollanganger)


The World Premiere of Flowers in the Attic : The Stage Play is merely days away and the excitement is reaching fever pitch at AtticSecrets !

With this in mind , of course , we wanted to bring you all the latest news from production and thanks to director Christopher Bentivegna , Lorraine Elgar was able to gain exclusive interview s with the cast 🙂

He stole our hearts with photos of him reading his “top secret script ” , rehearsal photos show an indepth and emotive portrayal of the little boy who s childhood was stolen from him ….

so its my great pleasure to bring to you the interview with Edward Boudreaux who plays the role of Cory Dollanganger

Edward is charming,  amazingly intelligent and so enthusiastic about this project – in fact he was the first of the cast to reply to my questioning ..see what he has to say

Firstly , Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves ?

I am 10 years old and going into the 5th grade. I am in the gifted and talented theater program at school. The first performance I was in I played Young Simba in the Lion King, Jr.. I am a Cub Scout and I really enjoy fishing. I also enjoy playing basketball, baseball, and football.

Q2: What do you think of the story ?

A2: I think the story is just a big gigantic twist because it starts out with Corrine, the mother, as the savior and then in the middle of the story she starts to show you her psychotic side because she does horrible things to her children.

I like the story and it is a dark story but it gets your heart in that position but I don’t know exactly how to explain it. It just gets your heart in that position.

Q3: What do you like about your character (s) ?

A3: I like that my character is smart. He is a person that just flows with everything and does what he needs to do. I like that Cory is nice to everyone, even his mother, even though Cory knows his mother doesn’t want him or his brother and sisters anymore.

Q4: Is there anything you dislike about your character?

A4: I think Cory is almost too sweet because I think he deserves to show what he thinks. He should be a little tougher and speak his mind.

Q5: And Lastly , could you imagine having a grandmother like Cory and Cary has ?!

A5: Grandmother, Olivia, isn’t that bad actually. Whenever she yells at the children it is because she is distressed by what Corrine has done. She is just mad at Corrine and taking it out on the kids. In the end grandmother, Olivia, tries to save me.

im sure everyone will agree with me that Edward has a fantastic insight into his character – it was pleasure to speak with him

I want to say a big thank you to Edward for taking the time to answer these questions,  his mom for helping him and Christopher Bentivegna for access to Edward and the rest of the cast


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