“Regretting” (song lyric)
                 by Virginia Andrews
                   July 13, 1971

Summer comes…and summer goes -like my dreams of old,
Autumn gold turns into winter snow – like my dreams gone cold—

I should have taken the grape, not waited for wine—
I should have tasted at least
While I sat at the feast—
And when the wine came my way, I shouldn’t have let it pass by

Because the cup didn’t shine…      Now, Summer comes… and summer goes – there is a tear in my eye,
Autumn gold turns into winter snow – for my youth has gone by

Where are my spring days,
My daffodil time?
Where are the bird songs, My bells that should chime?
Where is the green grass, And the love that was mine? 

So, Summer comes… and summer goes – and I walk alone,
Autumn gold turns into winter snow – and I would give all I own—

For just one yesterday— And the chance to play— The game… another way.      
Transcribed from the original document housed in the V.C. Andrews special collection at The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University by Jessica Z. Taken From Complete VCA website


Such a sad, revealing song that really captures the inner thoughts that disturbed Virginia at this time of her life.
At the age of 48, already she feels she has lost and is entering the winter of her life – alone…..

A melancholy reflection of not accepting love when it was offered, of missing out on life and love during her “springtime” of youth.

Much like Cathy in the Attic,  Virginia was locked in the prison of her own body due to her paralysis….

“Where is my birdsong ? ” – the sweet tenderness of love ?

The bells that should have chimed ?

The Wedding she wanted to have, perhaps ? The children that would have followed ?

Did she bypass chances of love always looking for something more ? for someone else ?

and that last line, does it reveal something to us ?

“For just one yesterday— And the chance to play— The game…”

So reminiscent of Corys song in Fita

I wish the night would end,
I wish the day’d begin,
I wish it would rain or snow,
or the wind would blow,
or the grass would grow,
I wish I had yesterday,
I wish there were games to play…

V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic 

Yesterday,  was a happier time , if you had yesterday you still had a chance.

This poem aptly titled is the regret s of a woman who feels there are no chances left ……. 


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