FITA: The Stage Play Rehearsals


With the premiere of Flowers in the Attic : The Stage Play not too far away now , rehearsals are well underway and AtticSecrets have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek behind the scenes!


History in the making : This cast are the first ever to perform these coveted roles on stage. Mary Pauley takes on the iconic role of the grandmother and Edward Boudreaux IV takes on the role of Cory. These roles have only been played twice before and only on film.


Our Christopher and Cathy – Levi Hood and Kali Russell


Full of fun and frolics , the cast have been getting down to some serious work. Some have even died their hair to ensure their portrayal is authentic!


Daisey Mackey , Levi and Kali as Carrie, Chris and Cathy



The last goodbye – Cory clings to Carrie as Chris gently guides him away under the watchful eye of the Grandmother


Rebecca  Elizabeth Hollingworth as Corrine Foxworth


As im sure you ll agree , this production is looking like us fans will finally get a version of Flowers in the Attic that does the book justice- these images alone are emotive and passionate and the play is sure to be a great sucess !

A huge thank you to director Christopher Bentivegna and the wonderful cast and crew for sharing such wonderful pictures  🙂

Flowers in the Attic : The Stage Play runs from 13-31st August at The Old Marquer Theatre, New Orleans


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