Like father, Like Daughter

Sometimes I find myself pondering about Corrine and Chris ‘s early years – after they fled Foxworth Hall.
So many unanswered questions –

How did they survive ?

Wasn’t there a war on ?

Wouldn’t it seem strange Chris wasn’t in service ?

How did they get a house ?

And, lastly, and quite importantly – how did Chris get a job with a computer manufacturing firm ? When these were quite a rarity and involved with big money – big money like the Foxworths would invest …….

Then, it struck me , could these answers be given in If There Be Thorns?

History continually repeats itself in the Dollanganger saga – from the main storyline , we are able to look at the subtext and find out exactly what happened to the past characters whose history is vague.

In Petals on the Wind , Corrine reveals her father hired a private investigator and knew exactly where they were , he knew of the children all along.

From If There Be Thorns we know Corrine kept tabs on them even from her asylum …she even admits she helped them secure the land for their home at a decent price ……

Could it be Malcolm did the same thing  for Corrine and Christopher?!

If we take into account Neisha Chetty s theory that Malcolm was just biding his time waiting to exact his revenge ….plus look at Corrines intentions in If There Be Thorns – to take away Bart as a form of revenge on Cathy….. like Malcolms revenge to take her children away from her.

The idea that Corrines actions in ITBT are actually a repetition of Malcolms prior to Flowers in the Attic could actually be quite sound.

Corrine s motives in ITBT are identical to Malcolms in FITA. Both kept tabs on their estranged children , both waited over a decade, making sure their children were lulled into a false sense of security , before making their move and both did so when realising their health was failing and the end was near.

So have I discovered another piece of the puzzle of this saga ?

I think I just may have , ok not all my questions have been answered but I think I may just have stumbled across something here …..

From If There Be Thorns , I believe we can learn the past of Christopher and Corrine to an extent ….. we can see how difficult the pretence was for Cathy and can assume that it was the same for Corrine in Gladstone, the secrets that threatened to tear the perfect family apart , not realising their life was being watched by the very person they were trying to escape……that the very same person was still controlling their lives even when they thought they were safe.


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  1. eastsidon says:

    Yes, I think that’s highly possible and it would be a very Malcolm thing to do. We know that when Alicia left FH, Malcolm and her had some contact as he advised on where to invest her money. Awesome theory, Lorraine. I think it will explain a lot of the mysteries behind how Chris and Corrine managed to survive walking out with nothing but the clothes on their back.

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    1. Thanks eastsidon obviously this needs more looking into but I believe its plausible – neither Chris nor Corrine had planned to leave so wouldn’t have had the foresight to save . Like you said how did they survive on nothing ?


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