We need to talk about ….. Damian Adare


Damian Adare

Manipulative, narcissistic, weak , charismatic, conniving …….

This was the man who drove a wedge between two sets of sisters,  his charismatic charm managing to have a hold over the women in his life even when they wished to flee him.

So, what is the deal with daddy dearest?

What is his obsession with his daughters purity ?
Why does he have such a Madonna/Whore complex ?
AND why do these women fall for him?!

Despite his horny toenail ?

Damian s history is hinted at throughout My Sweet Audrina and piecing it all together gives us the readers a great character insight.

Damians family were supporters of the confederates during the Civil War, the losing side, the families money would have been wiped out once the Unionists gained power and Damians expensive taste hints that he had come from a family of stock prior to the war. He himself wasn’t even born when the war was fought but his obsession with it tells us he d been bought up bitter about the outcome …..

Julianne Comments

“The civil war hit Damien’s great grandparents hard and they did not fare well in the Southern Reconstruction, and then  more than likely ,Damian’s parents get hit hard by the Great Depression, .”

Damian, I suspect, knows about poverty. Poor with expensive tastes is not a good combination….

He ‘s “YankeeBorn” but he identifies as a  southern gentleman .

Damian was  from somewhere upstate near New England , most likely Salem if his tales about Witches as ancestors are to be believed  but he married into the south.

Whitefern is Lucky and Ellsbeths family home and Damien is the gold digger husband.

He obviously had to work hard during his earlier life , having been in the navy , but then he met the Whitefern sisters – unionist supporters and extremely wealthy or so it appeared.

An intense , passionate affair with the eldest of the two sisters Ellsbeth resulted in a unplanned pregnancy and also the revealation that she wasnt the heir of Whitefern. She herself was illegitimate.

Quite the blow I imagine, as I suspect Damian was up to dastardly deeds here in his seduction of Ellsbeth 😉

So, what does he do ? Sends her away in disgrace to have the baby whilst he has a crack at her youngest sister and legitimate heir to Whitefern – Lucietta.

Of course, he marries this sister but soon discovers Whitefern isnt the little gem he had been expecting .
(I’m liking Lucky a lot for playing him at his own game – no disgrace for her 😉 )

“For some reason they’re in the south 10miles from the ocean and 30miles from the city living in a rotted old family mansion they can’t afford to upkeep, are secretly hated by the town they deem as “serfs”, and they are still bitching about the civil war in 1970 like it just happened……”

So , now married with a baby on the way in a rotted mansion full of fake antiques, Damian has inherited more than just a ruin …. Ellsbeth returns with their one year old daughter in tow , Vera.

Concerned with keeping up appearances . Damian and Lucky pretend to society that Vera is their daughter , a confusing deception as surely the townsfolk know the truth ?
Werent they at the wedding ? Whats the excuse for Ellsbeths dissapearance ?

And here starts Damians Madonna/Whore segregation :

To him Ellsbeth is the Whore who tricked him , became pregnant to try and get him into marriage.

Lucietta , as he sees it at first , is his Madonna , his chaste love who won’t entertain him until they are married. She will give him everything he craves or so he believes……

Of course , that image is shattered once she has the ring on her finger. And interestingly he also gives her the whores role , especially in the bedroom , and feels its his right to beat her for any misdemeanour.

Rachel Champions states :

“He has the strongest Madonna/Whore complex ever, applying it even to his daughters, and Vera is the designated whore daughter and was from the moment he knew she existed, I’d bet.
As for Audrina, he’s obsessed with her purity, and takes a twisted patriarchal ownership of her sexuality.”

I agree with Rachel Champions on the whole Madonna/whore complex and how he segregated his daughters into those roles.

I definitely think Damian had Mommy Issues which is where the whole Madonna/Whore complex stems from .

I believe he adored his mother and thought of her like Madonna yet was dissapointed with the fact she was most probably a whore and didnt love him unconditionally …. this filtered down into his personal life ….. with Audrina she was , to him, a true Madonna who gave unconditional love before her rape. Her rape took that away from HIM.

The unconditional love aspect seems to be a driving force behind Damians actions – Ellsbeth no longer had it due to his ill treatment of her , Vera the same and Lucietta knew his failings , the only person who didnt know Damian truly was Audrina and she loved him with no limits . That was her  ” special gift ” he was so desperate for her to regain.

It’s interesting that Damian does this seperation with his daughters – one good , one bad as its a huge trait of a narcissistic parent to do so.

Notice how when Audrina displeases him she is no longer favoured ? Around the time vera burnt his shirt and blamed Audrina – another narcissitic trait.

Same with the purity thing … a narcissistic parent doesnt see their child as an individual , more of a representation of themselves. Damian  couldnt handle what happened to Audrina any more than she could so his whole time plot was more of a cure for him as it was for her .. ..

Damian I do believe was a master manipulator , especially with his women. I mean the man practically had a harem. And he ruled them all by divide and conquer. Two sets of sisters both at war over him …. please ! But he managed that .

Lulabel gives a fantastic character summary of Damian

“You know, Damien never struck me as a mastermind. He is in the same category as Bart Sr., a guy who relies on the gullibility and idiocy and dependency of the women around him for his wealth, leisure, ego and sexual gratification. He can’t even make his own money, but USES his daughter to create wealth to inhance his own ego. He is a usurper, a parasite, hijacking the talents of the female line. Keeping the women divided against one another through lust, jealousy, rivalry. None of which he deserves on his own merits. Quite fascinating. Almost like a trickster or vampire type character.

“Throughout the history of the world there has never been a people more willing to be enslaved than womankind.”

-Lulabel Johnson

THAT I believe really could be Damians life motto 😉

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