A Very VCA Murder


Recently on AtticSecrets Julianne Hannes questioned if The Whitefern murders were to feature on Dateline then who would be guilty of the murders? Damian? Vera? Sylvia or Audrina ? What would be their motives and do their alibis hold up ?

However, fans are still torn between suspects and the whodunnit element of My Sweet Audrina provokes an intriguing Murder Mystery…….

Excited  at the prospect of a VCA version of cluedo Attic Secrets decided to don their caps and smoke their pipes whilst examining evidence in a very  VCA murder…………..


The Location :

The Whitefern Estate


The Victims :

Ellsbeth Whitefern


Relationship to Suspects:

Damian s sister in law and lover; mother to Vera ; aunt to Audrina and Sylvia

How she spent her last hours :

Arguing with Damian over his suspected affair.

She wished to leave Damian, she demanded her money back that she lent him and her share of Whitefern.

However , despite being written a cheque for a substantial amount of money , she forgave Damian and the pair ended up in bed together.

Notes :

●The Cheque mysteriously went missing

●She had been wearing travelling clothes when she was found dead by Audrina and had suitcases packed.

●Her clothing was changed by Audrina and Damian prior to calling the police and her suitcases which had contained odd garments put away.

●She had used the front stairs which she didn’t normally do.

Billie Lowe


Relationship to suspects :

Mother in law to Audrina ; Lover to Damian ; Step mother to Audrina and Sylvia ; Step Aunt to Vera

How she spent her last hours :

Billie s last hours are unknown but in the week before her death , it was discovered that Billie and Damian were lovers.

This caused arguments between Audrina and Billie


Billie s red lipstick had been smeared

●It looked like she had been crying prior to her death.

● On the morning of her death, Audrina was told that due to Billies relationship with Damian , Arden wouldnt reveal his fraudulent activities.

●She had used the front stairs which she didn’t normally do.

Similarities in both deaths :

●Both women were in a relationship with Damian Adare.

●Both were found dead by Audrina Adare.

●Both were found dead at the bottom of the front steps, steps they didn’t usually use .

The Suspects:

Audrina Adare


Motive (s) :

● To Escape – She has the motive  , trying to escape an overbearing father , the split in her personality fighting with her love for her father. Ellsbeths death caused her to take sylvia and leave …only to return ….billies death was supposed to free her to expose him and therefore free herself …only for her to fall into such a deep depression again she was trapped. The third time she tried to leave ….Veras death (an accident by all accounts) she feels inexplicably pulled back by Sylvia ……. All three deaths gave her an opportunity to escape.

Alibi (s) :

● In bed the morning of Ellsbeths murder

● Claims to be in the woods with Sylvia when Billie is killed , however Sylvia was not with her

Character Witness :

Neisha Chetty has theorised it was actually Audrina ….

In our higher theory section of AtticSecrets we have a wonderful piece by Neisha Chetty entitled Solving the Whitefern Murders. Through diligent research and analysis Neisha has put forward a theory which is intriguing and surprising of whom the murderer is.

She explains

“I think Audrina’s head is a recreation of events to fill those sponge holes because she can’t deal with the horrible truth.”

Evidence For :

● Psychologically Disturbed :

Audrina shows definite signs of a split personality , she zones out when the truth about herself is almost revealed.

She imagines her disabled sister Sylvia is able to communicate and focus her eyes when it is psychically impossible

Her family has made her believe there was a first and best Audrina… she feels inferior to the ghost of her sister

● Known Memory Loss :

Audrina has a very vague memory and is generally confused. She believes she is two years younger than she actually is – something the family encourage.

● Talks in her sleep : Vera comments on this and how even Arden suspects her of killing his mother……..

● Version of Events dont add up –

With Billie s death , according to Audrina the sky has gone dark and the stairway dark also. She claims to herself that Sylvia must of shone her prisms in Billie s eyes , causing her to fall. However, the prisms wouldn’t work without sunlight.

Evidence against : ? ?

Damian Adare


Motive(s) :

● Money – Damian was in debt to Ellsbeth and she was demanding money from him.

Alibi (s) :

● In bed at time of Ellsbeth s murder

● At work when Billie was killed

Character Witness :

Julianne Hannes firmly points the finger of suspicion at Damian :

” When you read between the lines, Damien is THE killer, he’s not only plotting, no, he’s getting his hands dirty after he created the perfect scapegoat to point the blame at, the unloved jealous vengeful daughter Vera.

Its interesting how convienient to Damien these “accidents” are, how the next minute after someone stands in Damien’s way an “act of god” happens and Damien is free and back in control of his little Audrina keeping her too dumb to realize her power over him and the whole estate.”

“Do you think that perhaps Damien is actually a gold diggers and perhaps a grifter who snaked his way into the Adelle family, marrying into that prominent family for money and connections?”

Neisha has an interesting suggestion

“I saying Damian is the worst because he uses his brainwashing techniques to benefit. But I think he is smart enough to get other’s to kill or do other things for him. He doesn’t have to do them himself. That’s why I consider him to be the worst kind. He like literally wins no matter how bad he looks to even Audrina, she protects him, they all do ! The question is why ? Why don’t they ever expose him for what he is ? And a clue lies in what I’ve mentioned above.”

Evidence For :

● Money

Ellsbeth made the HUGE mistake of lending her share of the inheritance to Damien to invest and he lost it all and was indebted to her

Those deaths benefited him and had perfect timing, I mean right after Ellsbeth demanded her stake in the inheritance and threatens to tell Audrina the truth she falls to her death.

Damian had monetary motive.

Damien also lost a huge portion of Lucky’s inheritance too in bad investments

Evidence Against :

● Damian is more a mastermind. He would actually control people to his bidding. Tame them. But he wouldn’t get his hands dirty.

Sylvia Adare


Motive (s)

● Jealousy – Sylvia was jealous of anyone who had Audrina’s love and attention

● To Protect Audrina – Sylvia would  react when she felt Audrina was threatened

Alibi (s)

● In bed at time of Ellsbeths murder

● Had dissapeard when Billie was murdered – no alibi , but Audrina claimed they were together in the woods

Character Witness :

Jennifer Pruitt

” Not really Sylvia. She loves prisms and was always in her world. So, we can pretty much rule her out…but she could have been framed ”

Sylvia, even if she was behind them, would be declared incompetent due to her age and disability.

Evidence For :

● Intense Dislike – Sylvia had shown an intense dislike to both women

● Wanted Billies Cart – its said she wanted Billies red cart for herself

● Fake Alibi – Sylvia had gone missing at time of Billie s murder and Audrina had provided her with a fake alibi.

Evidence against :

● Incapacity –  she was easy to frame and didnt have the cognition to have a motive … I wonder for a child who had difficulty with motor skills how she could manipulate the prisms so easily ?

● No Threat – Sylvia apparently only reacted when she felt audrina was threatened – in both cases Audrina was nt supposed to have been there with the victims nor with sylvia

Vera Whitefern Adare


Motive(s) :

Hate – Vera despised her mother as well as Damian

●Revenge – She wanted to destroy Damian like he had her , by taking away his happiness

Inheritance – Ellsbeth had a share of Whitefern which should have transferred to Vera.

If Damian had married Billie then it was a possibility there would be another heir to Whitefern and her share would lessen

Alibis :

● At the time of Ellsbeth death , Vera was supposedly in New York.

● At the time of Billie s death, whilst Vera was at Whitefern she was supposedly in the bath then painting her nails.

Character Witness :

For evidence against Vera we have The VCA projects Rachel Champions stating the case for Vera being the murderer :

” I’ve always thought it was Vera. Vera definitely tried to kill Audrina at least once by taking her off life support. So, she’s the only one we know is willing to straight murder people. I also think that Silvia was probably present in some way at all three murders/attempted murder, because Vera wanted blaming Silvia to be credible. “

” Back to the original question though, I think Dateline would have zeroed in on Damien, because he is the obvious abuser in the situation. I know I said Vera is the only one we know who is straight up cool with murder, Damien is both physically and mentally abusive to all the women/girls in his life, and that often escalates to murder. Not usually such a. . . methodical murder method, I’d say, but still. And if cameras and press etc, were brought into the mix, you know Vera could work that situation, no problem, and Audrina would just blink and look traumatized, and they’d use Silvia as sort of a prop.  So they would, I think, probably focus on Damien.”

” Personally, I feel like the benefit of each death or potential death to Damian was more symbolic of Damian as the person who broke everything that was broken about Vera. Even when she’s acting to spite him, she’s somehow always still trapped by him. Even though she actually left the house, unlike Audrina, she also never really escaped Damian, or Whitefern. I guess that applies just as well to the Audrina did it theory, but I still see Vera as the one Damian really destroyed. There was so much back and forth about how Audrina’s special gift, her *goodness* was spoiled and ruined by the boys in the woods etc, but if anyone in this book really utterly had all the good inside of them broken, it was Vera, and Damian did it. So, my theory is that Vera pushed everyone down the stairs but it is still all Damian’s fault.”

You can find more of Rachels reasoning for Vera being the murderer on her blog The VC Andrews Project

Another insight into Vera comes from Julianne Hannes

” I always think of Vera as the female version of Damien, supposedly she inherited his looks too as well as his personality, talent in persuasion, flaws(temper, mood swings, and need for approval) , and ambition etc etc. The least favored child is ALWAYS the child most like the parent and Damien saw himself in Vera and knew what she was capable of and played into that playing her like a marionette puppet, the irony is that the one most controlled and impacted by Damien was not Audrina but Vera. And if Vera is a version of Damien(as VCA hints), then Vera reveals who Damien really is, an unloved illegitamite bastard desperately wanting approval & to belong to a prominent family and would resort to great lows to achieve that including and especially sex and sabotage.  I’m willing to bet money that Damien himself has some serious Mommy/Daddy issues as bad as Vera’s”

Evidence For :

Psychological reasons

Financial gain

Known Willingness to Murder

Flimsy Alibi for Billie s death :
    how could she be in the bath with freshly painted nails or did she say she did them afterwards ?
And if so why did she do her nails and not investigate the screaming she had heard whilst in the bath ?

Evidence Against :

Strong Alibi :

The date of Ellsbeth s death being in July  and Veras alibi of being in New York matches. The MSA timeline shows us Vera did not return to Whitefern until November of that year.

Manipulative :
Though showing a willingness to murder , Vera has a history of getting others to commit her crimes . Spencer Longtree in the rape of Audrina for one and she tricked Sylvia into turning off Audrina’s life support in the hope it would kill her rather than doing so herself.

Known Liar :

Vera is very apt at Cover ups – she was able to cover up her involvement in the rape of Audrina, she tends to benefit when covering up certain facts …

Neisha points out :
” I believe Vera is covering up what has happened just as she covers up her broken bones. Remember when Vera breaks her bones, Damian lavishes her with all kinds of gifts to actually and rewards to prevent her telling Audrina the truth. And this is one of the occassions where she is kinda lying.”

The Verdict :

So there we have it ; all four suspects ; all four s motives ; compelling arguments as to why each character was the culprit ;
Strong evidence …………

Now its up to you ; you be the jury ….. who really commited the Whitefern Murders and Why ?

A huge thanks to this AtticSecrets panel Julianne Hannes, Jennifer Pruitt, Rachel Champions, Neisha Chetty and Lorraine Elgar for a great debate.

Vera artwork credited to Julianne Hannes
Other artwork by Lorraine Elgar

A Very VCA Murder compiled by Lorraine Elgar

2 Comments Add yours

  1. RachelK says:

    I did just see a bit of an argument in favor of Damien. I still don’t think he’s the killer, just that it’s all his fault, though Nancy Grace would totally think he did it. He was “at work” but we have nothing to back that up. The cops didn’t do any kind of investigation. So it looks like a good alibi, but we have no idea, really. Here is a Damien-Did-It scenario: What if somehow Billie didn’t know about all the brainwashing/Audrina’s past? Arden did, but Billie was pretty reclusive, and it’s possible she didn’t know much. Maybe she found out (Vera? idk) and confronted Damien about it and that would explain the fact that she looked like she had been crying. If she said she’d tell Audrina, Damien would take action. He hadn’t known her as long as Elspbeth or Vera, she was swept away by him, but he didn’t have the same kind of power over her. He spent years getting the women in his family to where he could just threaten them and have that be enough. That wouldn’t work on Billie, I don’t think, so I can see him killing her if she was going to tell. I CAN believe that if any of his daughters did it, even if he knew, he’d just pretend that he didn’t know. They all need to be under his thumb, the world the way he says it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is why I love VCA books so much and love the discussions on AtticSecrets – each person put forward such a convincing motive that our eyes are opened anew . From compiling this blog , many new insights struck me –

      How all three adults Audrina, Vera and Damian were as guilty as each other in a way . They covered up the murders , made them look like accidents, tampered with police evidence and tried to frame poor sylvia.

      Even Audrina , no matter how much she claimed she wasn’t and provided her with a fake alibi – but I wonder who that alibi was really for – Sylvia or herself ?!

      I agree all this is Damians fault , due to his need to control and be in charge – loving your theory for billies murder too !!!!!

      It is definitely his hold of the women in his life that has got the family in this predicament – covers ups over misguided loyalty , trying to please him and earn his love. Trying to keep his love or trying to escape his love


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