The Lost writings of VCA


For years there have been many whispers ……unpublished VCA material.

Novels such as Where the green grass grows , poems , articles …a true vca fans dream to find them.

Rumours abounded as where to find them …boston library university ? …

Well , the search is off as today The Lost Angels of VCA
confirmed a trip to the archives came up trumps !!!

Admin Cleo the Dog made the trip herself and diligently copied out the source material to share with fans 🙂

Research Cleo did included the findings

1.The poem Golden Things
2. The song Regretting
3. The article a Writer’s Way to Profit from Memories
4. The notebook Rosenthaila
5. The manuscript called “Where the Green Grass Grows”

The forum will be updated with full details of this research and what it contains so check it out on the above link to The Lost Angels of VCA !!!!

A huge AtticSecrets thank you to Laura and Cleo , the admins , for such a wonderful find 🙂

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