Characters of The Adare Saga


Audrina Adelle Adare

Narrator of the story.

Daughter of Damian and Lucietta; sister of Sylvia; cousin and half-sister of Vera; in love with Arden since childhood.

Unable to remember the first seven years of her life and with severe memory loss she has psychic visions of her dead sister’s life often bought on by being forced to sit in a rocking chair by her father.

She feels inferior to her dead older sister of the same name and with the same birthdate.

Described as sensitive and beautiful, with violet eyes and long “chameleon” “witches” hair.

Damian Jonathan Adare

 Father of Vera, Audrina and Sylvia; husband of Lucietta; brother-in-law of Ellsbeth.

Manipulative, Vain and Obsessive.

Damian is a ruthless businessman, having previously served in the navy. “Yankee Born” he has southern sympathies. He is obsessed with the american civil war and has a Madonna/Whore complex when it comes to women , even his own daughters.

He hates Vera, loves Audrina and is ambivalent towards Sylvia.

He rules his household and women with a divide and conquer stance.

Lucietta Lana Whitefern Adare
Mother of Audrina and Sylvia; wife of Damian; younger sister of Ellsbeth.

Nicknamed Lucky.

Legitimate daughter and heir to the Whitefern Estate.

She is a gifted pianist who gave up a career to marry Damian who had previously jilted her sister.

She has a heart condition, which caused her pregnancy with Sylvia to be one of high risk.

She has a tendency to overindulge in chocolate, bourbon, romantic fiction and flirting.

Lucietta seems to live in an illusion of life rather than face harsh reality.

Sylvia Adare

Youngest daughter of Damian and Lucietta; sister of Audrina; half-sister and cousin of Vera.

Born prematurely and with disabilities that are only hinted at never fully diagnosed.

She has a strong attachment to Audrina who takes on the mothers role after their mothers death.

Psychically she is striking to look at, with long “chestnut” (brown) hair and aquamarine eyes.

Ellsbeth Whitefern

 Mother of Vera; older sister of Lucietta; aunt of Audrina and Sylvia.

Her nickname is Ellie.

Illegitimate herself , Ellsbeths grew up on the Whitefern Estate but is not its heir despite being older than Lucietta.

A former schoolteacher, she was used and betrayed by Damian when she became pregnant out of wedlock by him and then ran out of town in disgrace.

Upon her return with her daughter she discovered he had married her sister.

With no income , a small child and nowhere else to go she grudgingly accepted a room in her childhood home in return for housekeeping duties

Ellsbeth comes across as a bitter old shrew but is actually a smart, funny and feisty feminist who can hold her own with Damian whom she makes no attempt to hide her dislike of.

Her relationship with her daughter Vera is as strained as is it with Lucietta but despite her sharpness and almost cold like nature she seems to like Audrina often warning her to escape her fathers clutches when she can.

Vera Whitefern Adare

 Illegitimate Daughter of Ellsbeth and Damian; cousin and half-sister of Audrina and Sylvia; lover of Lamar.

Vera is a contrary creature, as conniving and mean in nature yet delicate and vulnerable to injuries.

It is implied she has brittle bone disease although she only breaks her bones when Audrina is around.

She has long “apricot” (red) hair, pale skin and dark eyes.

She is Audrina’s rival in every  way
for Damian’s attention, Lucietta s , Lamar Rensdale and Arden’s.

Mrs Allismore

 A “psychic” hired, then fired, by Damian to predict the new babys sex.

Aunt Mercy Marie
Lucietta’s  best friend.

Missing and presumed dead.

Married to Horace , upon his death she  became a missionary who dissapeard in Africa two weeks after her arrival.

Varying stories place her as either marrying a chief tribesman or being boiled in a pot and eaten by cannibals.

Lucietta and Ellsbeth get drunk and “channel” her spirit during their weekly Tuesday Teatimes.

Arden Nelson Lowe
Only son of Billie Lowe; in love with Audrina since childhood.

He aspires to become an architect but ends up working for Damian instead

He has dark brown hair and amber eyes.

He is a noble but weak and gullible man who continually lets Audrina down when she needs him most.

Billie Lowe

 Mother of Arden.

A beautiful former Olympic figure skating champion who lost both of her legs after getting gangrene as a complication from untreated diabetes.

She is a friendly, positive person to be around. She becomes a mother figure to Audrina and lover to Damian.

Lamar Rensdale
Audrina’s and Vera’s piano teacher.

At first seemingly a nice guy , he helps Audrina by convincing her aunt to allow her to go to school.

Unfortunately, he has paedophilic tendencies which lure him into an affair with underage Vera which leads to his ultimate demise.

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