We need to talk about …… Vera



We need to talk about ……….Vera

Vera Whitefern Adare the illegitimate daughter of Ellsbeth Whitefern and Damian Adare. Now she  is a villain to end all villians in the world of VCA….and thats one hell of a feat.

Vera brings a whole new level to the phrase #Bat Shit Crazy.

Manipulative, cruel and downright evil Vera thinks nothing of creeping around Whitefern, pornographic material in hand , warping Audrina s poor drug addled brain even more and delighting in her confusion .

She ‘ll sleep with your boyfriend, drive a man to suicide, ruin your reputation, steal, lie and throw her dead fetus at her mother in temper whilst not feeling one iota of guilt or blame.

She ‘ll hate you with every fibre of her being and she ll bring you down if its the last thing she ever does ….. 

Now, Vera is a bit of a mystery to me personally – I cant comprehend what would possess a girl of ten to organise the rape of a rival – I can’t comprehend how venomous she felt or why .

Her rivalry with Audrina borders on the obsessional…..

Damian is often blamed for this rivalry ignoring Vera, idolising Audrina. Sharply defining their roles as Madonna (Audrina) and the Whore (Vera) , Vera throws herself into this role she has been cast by the man who is her own father. She also uses sex as a way of feeling loved and wanted … classic in girls who feel they arent loved growing up. Sex =Validation.

Its almost as if she believes that she may as well , its one way to get attention and attention is the one thing Vera craves. But it fuels her hatred , her hatred of Audrina for being all she isnt, her hatred of Damian and most importantly her hatred for herself.

This is very much documented in the book  but I ve also recently been wondering if there was a second adult who influenced her more than we thought …. someone who also was jealous of her sister ….

After all why was Vera very much aware she was really Damian s daughter when she d returned to Whitefern at only a year old ?

She was far too young to understand yet she recalls how when Audrina came along she was pushed to one side, no longer cared for.

How can she recall that or has she been repeatedly told ? Is it her own bitterness she holds or has she also taken on her mothers ?

She despises her own mother Ellsbeth who is downright cruel to her on most occasions, who slaves away for the man who threw her into the gutter and the woman who stole him and her fortune from her. The woman who allows Damian to treat Vera the way he does , to beat her and make her feel worthless.

However, we know Ellsbeths and Vera would plot to make Vera more valid in Damian s eyes …. more than Audrina… her mother mentions she has the one thing Audrina doesnt ….her virginity (apparently) and to Damian that means a lot.

I ve seen a lot of pity for Vera from fans, suggestions that she may have been sexually abused ….I definitely think Vera was far too sexualised for her age and she must have got it from somewhere. As an eleven year old girl she would masterbate in front of Audrina , thinking nothing of it , on the morning of Audrina’s birthday she actually said

“By the end of the day you ll be like the rest of us ….not so pure” 

Vera is really an interesting character , I find it difficult to sympathise with her but like I ve questioned before – how would a ten nearly eleven year old girl even begin to think of organising a gang rape if she wasnt already disturbed by something ?

Its more than jealousy it has to be …and how would she know that it would make Audrina “dirty” and think she d be less in Damian s estimations ?

So I suppose the question im really asking is taking into account all thats been mentioned –

Is Vera truly a Villain or a Victim ?


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  1. RachelK says:

    She has been victimized, but she is, in fact, a villain. I don’t feel. . . sympathy for her exactly. I could never sympathize with the actions she took. But what is interesting to me, is that you can make a case for her having the most reasonable reaction to everything going on. She lied often, but she was the only one willing to speak truth ever. She’s awful, and I wouldn’t say I sympathize with her, but I do love her. Fiction is not real life. In real life I would do my best to make sure she never noticed me at all, but as a symbol of female power thwarted and twisted by abuse – I like seeing that story play out in terms of her rage.

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    1. I love your insight into this and I also love your top 30 vera moments on http://casteelkidsstolemygroceries.tumblr.com/post/121958900611/veras-greatest-hits !


  2. Bridget says:

    Damian denied her as his daughter and he never paid attention to her. Children try to get attention from neglectful parents even if the attention is bad. She felt like Jan Brady while Audrina was perfect sister Marcia. I guess “The Brady Bunch” would be rated R if Jan went to all the trouble Vera did to get her parents’ attention!


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