Tweeting with the Lifetime Stars

When AtticSecrets was just a twinkle in mine and Neisha Chettys eye we spent a lot of time hanging around on twitter with our very own #DonutClub


The lifetime movies were in production and twitter was abuzz with excitement 

It was the year 2014 , it was the year the Lifetime stars were tweeting , the year everyone was confused why a young lad named Mason Dye started following them lol


It was a time when @lochanddoll s profile pic was Keirnan Shipka and fans thought it really was her , when @CorrineFoxworth outed Wyatt Nash and he had to get a professional twitter account , and a tweet from @IamWillKemp sent Carmen , @VCAMovies , into a faint whilst simultaneously calling for the smelling salts!


It was the year 2014 and the #DonutClub were having a blast !

Here we share with you our top twitter moments:



Wyatt had his own army of adoring fans



Mainly because he poured so much into the character of Christopher and really researched his role

His sense of humour killed us @holly says her favourite moments were the live tweeting during the movies especially his
Donuts 2 Dollanganger kids 0
comment during Carries death scene

We were desperate for him to return in ITBT !


Another of our fave stars has to be Will Kemp – its a straight out fight between him and Wyatt for best tweeter !

He made us kinda love bad boy Julian Marquet but we fell in love with him too.
He got our whole Bat Shit Crazy fun and rode with it!


Will also is the humblest yet extremely talented person , he will still interact with us fans even a year on


Another epic moment was when not only did Rachael Carpani follow us , she was the only Cathy who interacted with fans – even agreeing Cathy did die at the end of SOY !!!

Rachael s interaction meant the world to us and she definitely is the #DonutClub s favourite of the three Cathys .


THEN there was the original Cathy Kristy Swansons revelation she would have been eager to reprise the role as older Cathy in the new movies. 


Seriously so much fun went into the twitter convos and the stars really were wonderful – I havnt even mentioned the lovely Mason Cook , Jedidah Goodacre, Anthony Konechny and Mackenzie Gray who all took the time out of their busy schedules to speak to us.

In doing so , they have earnt fans for life and the vca fandom will continue to support them.

Of course , in the words of Will Kemp , we ‘re still #BatShitCrazy about them all and I ll leave you with yesterday s #ThrowbackThurday pic which prompted our lovely Jennifer to exclaim
“Whoa Throw ME back Thursday” 😉


A huge thanks to the lifetime stars mentioned and all the members of the #DonutClub for such a great time and such wonderful memories xxx


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