The Legacy of the Future


So, I ve blogged about the legacy Virginia left behind in her fans ….. the fans who have lovingly carried her name on using their amazing creativity…so what is the future for the legacy ?

Introducing Ryan Michael Coe, co admin of VCA Movies and creator of Ryans oneofakind designes .

AtticSecrets has previously interviewed Ryan regarding his work but I wanted to showcase just how amazing it is …



The stars of the lifetime movies such as Racheal Carpani, Mason Dye, Wyatt Nash and Will Kemp are all huge fans – retweeting his creations to their followers.


Ryans If There Be Thorns artwork is so much more inspired than what the Lifetime Movies art department came up with .

As was his Seeds of Yesterday …..


He truly captures the heart and soul of the books …. the beauty, the haunting of the tone ….. his creations grab you and pull you in ….wanting to discover more ….

In the continuing legacy of fans and the future , it is definitely the fans like Ryan who keep the momentum going.

In fact , why Lifetime hasn’t offered Ryan the job of producing the artwork I honestly don’t know

Not only does he create amazing pieces, he produces these amazing t-
shirts too


Ryan , in my opinion should start selling his creations, and the VCA estate should start looking towards the fandom who pour so much love and passion into the legacy of Virginia Andrews to continue into the future.


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  1. eastsidon says:

    I agree the estate and Lifetime should actually take Ryan’s work more seriously and hire him to do part of the artwork for official VCA publications and film posters.


    1. Definitely ! Like I said his work was far more inspired than the art departments efforts for ITBT and SOY


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