Richard W Maurer


Most fans are aware of the recent resurgence of Virginia Andrews first in the novels being turned in the lifetime movies and recently Lifetime has green lit My Sweet Audrina starring India Eisley (Audrina) and Jonathan Tupper as Damian. Now, every teen whose life was touched by Virginia Andrews is going back to reading those old tattered and torn copies. Everyone is re-reading My Sweet Audrina….

If you’ve just happen to diligently read the dedication page of My Sweet Audrina, you’ll notice a name mentioned. Richard W. Maurer.

“Acknowledgement to Richard W. Maurer, who dauntlessly supplies me with lists of misdemeanours concerning stock market activities, herein committed by Damian Jonathan Adare. 



Neisha Chetty  has another AtticSecrets exclusive and  the immense please of communicating with Mr. Maurer and chatting to him about Virginia.


Richard W. Maurer
Financial Advisor , Vice President,  Wealth Management
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

Here’s what he had to say and share for you , her fans  :-

“She would be very pleased with your interest in her writing.

She always said her books were human interest stories.

Since she passed away almost 30 years ago, this was during the early stages of my investment career.

It truly was a shame that someone young and talented had a brief life that ended rather abruptly.  

When I first met her she lived in a little bungalow with her mother in the small industrial town of Portsmouth, Va.

 She was writing her first book which she knew would become very successful, even though at that time no one had ever heard of V. C. Andrews.

Because of degenerative arthritis, Virginia was confined to a wheelchair, but she was very disciplined about setting aside a portion of every day to write.

As I said, she anticipated that her manuscript would be accepted and wasn’t in the least bit surprised when Simon & Schuster Publishing in N.Y. agreed to publish her first book.

She quickly sold the bungalow in Portsmouth and moved to a far more spacious home on the water in Virginia Beach.

Being in my early 30’s at that time, and still single, I used to go to her house some evenings to play chess and look out at the waterfront view.  

She was a very interesting person to talk with, as her mind didn’t function like most people.  I used to kid her about writing romance novels but she would always correct me and refer to them as human interest stories.

Her mother took care of her and the two were very devoted to each other. After Virginia died I believe her mother, who by then was in her 80’s, moved to Florida to be near her two sons(Virginia’s brothers) and I lost track of her.”

Neisha states :
Im glad my path crossed with Richard Maurer’s. I had planned on leaving the fandom in a few months time to take on more serious works that will help improve humanity and raise the human conscious through the written word.

After chatting with Richard Maurer, I reconsidered.

I felt that I could do both, guide Lorraine here on the forum and still pursue my own individual yearning.

Of course it would mean less time in the VC Andrews fandom but I will still be around.

After all VC Andrews is still telling the human interest story and humanity is what I’m interested in.


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