The Legacy of Virginia Andrews


This week in AtticSecrets we have been celebrating what would have been Virginia s 92nd birthday !

Born on the 6th June 1923 in Norfolk, Virginia she was the only daughter and second child of William Andrews and Lillian Parker.

Virginia’s life is as much as a mystery as her books , she was an extremely private person and rarely gave interviews prefering to live her life out of the limelight.

Sadly she died in 1986 only having published Seven books in her lifetime but those Seven books were a gift to millions of fans worldwide  – they still captivate readers today.

So we celebrated not only her birthday, but her legacy , and how her work has affected our lives.

Of course , no week in group would be without a healthy debate 😉

And in the legacy theme we wondered

What issues she would cover if still alive and writing today ?

Toni wondered if she would have created a transgender character or if it was possibly something the Ghost Writer would consider ?

This sparked a supportive conversation between group members and again just makes me so happy to have such a wonderful group



In honour of V C s birthday , Ted  has written the first chapter of Blossoms of Tomorrow which is from Deidre s point of view as her family return to Foxworth Hall . This is the dollanganger story fans wanted and promises to reveal exactly what happened after Cathys death to her family …. …..

A lot of our members are talented authors and at the moment Kathy Gabrielle, has an offer on her books on amazon – We’re very lucky as not only do we have a great amass of talent from our members we are all so very supportive of each other

Kathryn White, a published author has very kindly offered to help with promotion of our author members work :

I do author interviews on my blog all the time for a feature called Writers on Wednesday. Would you be interested in participating? If so, I can send you a template with the questions. This would help get your name and work out there. To give you an idea of how it works, here is an interview with another Attic Secrets member, Mxm Kin

PS This offer is good for ALL authors who are members of Attic Secrets.

Check them all out – you wont regret it 🙂

Virginia’s legacy is that not only did she write amazing stories which have stood the test of time but she has inspired so much talent from her fans – artists , directors, writers the list is endless ….

I ‘ll leave you guys with a exquisitely heartfelt tribute from
Flowers in the Attic :The Stage Play director Christopher Bentivegna whom I feel speaks for all of us when he states :
For most of my life, Virginia has been a ghost. Maybe that is why I’ve always felt so haunted by her. Even before she was taken from this world by an untimely death, she was a mystery; something ethereal, untouchable, otherworldly…but exquisitely beautiful.
Her writing was magic. Even as a child, I understood the pain that was ever-present in her narrative. ESPECIALLY as a child, I understood that pain. But somehow her stories brought me peace. Stories filled with horrific acts of violence and abuse and terror somehow filled me with peace. Her hypnotic words captivated and enthralled me and I was transported out of my own, often difficult childhood, into another world; and it was a world, that for me, I needed to be in. She gave me validation. Her thoughts were my thoughts: “Yes, adults can be and often ARE cruel.” “Yes, life IS often unfair.” “Yes, tragedies WILL happen and change us forever.” “Yes, we ARE all sometimes trapped behind walls that we can’t escape from.” Reading her books, I knew I wasn’t alone. Someone else out there understood my pain. Someone understood my confusion. And someone was always searching for hope. Just like me. For Virginia to be able to communicate so personally and spiritually with her readers through her story-telling, is a gift that I have treasured for years. It’s as if she took every moment of misery, every fear, every fantasy from her life and passionately poured them into her novels. And to feel that connection with an author, to KNOW that she was writing for each of us individually, and to sense someone’s spirit so profoundly in a book was something that has meant a great deal to me. I felt as if I knew her and she knew me and yet all I REALLY knew was that she was some untouchable mystery who somehow had the ability to make me feel happier through her writing.
My admiration and love for Virginia and her talents were only matched by the deep sadness I felt the day I found out that she had died. Before the internet, it wasn’t easy to find out when a book was being published. We basically had to just wait it out and then a new book would suddenly appear in the book store. It was unexplainably exciting to walk into a store and see a new title by V.C. Andrews there. I knew through each new novel that I would be transported back into that strange and extraordinary world that she created for her readers. And then one day, when I reached for her newest book and tore it open, I saw a note from the publisher. “Our beloved author V.C.Andrews has died.” Beloved. Beloved. I couldn’t stop staring at that word. For she truly was beloved and now she was gone. So I stood where only moments before I was as happy as I could be to see a new V.C. Andrews book and now that emotion had been ripped away and replaced by shock and deep sadness. I wasn’t even aware that I was crying until a few tears fell onto the page of her newest book warping what had only seconds before been a perfect and untouched piece of paper. I remember just thinking, “Thank you.” “Thank you God for letting there have been a Virginia Andrews. Thank you for allowing her to share her gifts with the world. Thank you for her bravery and her passion and her raw expressions of love. And thank you for allowing me to experience the joy that she has so richly brought into my life.”
So, from that moment forward, Virginia has been a ghost. And even in her life, I imagine there might have been a certain ghost-like fragility present within her. Like a rose with the power to bring beauty and heavenly fragrance and love to those that take the time to admire it…her physical presence in our lives was fleeting but the glorious memory of her delicate bloom will never die.


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