For richer, for poorer


In a week where Flowers in the Attic is very much a hot topic, where the symbolism of the trains and the dollhouse has been much discussed, AtticSecrets Admin Toni  has shared her beautiful artwork which is so awe inspiring and gives much food for thought.


I think you ll agree that Toni s artwork really is amazing and we re honoured to have such a talented artist in our group.

She ‘s not the only one either – Ryan Coe
of Petals on the Wind Movie Page is another one of our members who creates stunning pieces . You can read our exclusive interview with Ryan and discover his inspiration over on Attic Secrets where it is located in our files section – Dont forget to check out his artwork whilst there too including pieces like this :


Talking of amazing artwork check out Christopher Bentivegna s amazing poster concepts for the FITA stage play : They bring true meaning to the phrase a picture tells a thousand words







Exciting times now the cast has been announced and tickets are now available to buy here:

FITA:The Stage Play Tickets

Christopher has also generously offered a free ticket to any Attic Secrets member who is travelling from out of state !

This is an exclusive to us and because our members have supported him so wholeheartedly in this project 🙂 We are very honoured that he has done this .

We can also reveal that due to demand three extra dates have been added – so be sure to get your tickets quick !!!!!

Lorraine and Neisha are also working on something which will be included in the play programme – we are very excited that we have been asked to do this and all will be revealed soon !!!!!!

But of course, it s not just artwork that AtticSecrets is about :

This week we pondered on the phrase
“Its just a book”  and explored how FITA especially affected our lives : Why is it more than a book to us ?

Lulubel explained her own reasons :

“VCA made me feel that someone else understood that families are war zones and the home is a battlefield.  Sometimes, and if you are lucky, you just fight to be heard or fight about where to go out to dinner. But every child fights to grow up with their minds, hearts and bodies intact, and that is a fact.

Nothing is ever “just” something, by the way. 

For me FITA encapsulated truths about existence, it was like a passion play for me. I have since had the same kind of personal experience with POTW.  I’m scared to get old and find out what’s true in SOY!”

Toni asked What would be worse ? To be rich and end up in poverty like Corrine or grow up in poverty and become rich like Chris Snr ?

This was a great debate and we learnt a fascinating story of a lady who had lost everything  …..

” I knew a lady that grew up super wealthy, married into wealth, had everything imaginable. Over a 20 year course she lost it all, the house, cars, toys. She used to tell me stories about the Country Club, and spending her days golfing or boating, doing rich people things. Of course, by the time I met her she was broke, and I can honestly say going from rich to poor was so traumatic for her it deteriorated her health and cause her mental problems. She had no idea how to do simple things that we do everyday.. like grocery shop on a budget or NOT order clothes from high end catalogs… she was so bad off at one point she lived in a tent at  a campground, but still kept her whiskey in a crystal decanter and used a “silent butler” to empty her ashtray.

I think money is evil. I never want to be RICH, just comfortable enough to be content. 🙂

What do YOU think ? What would you prefer ?

In My Sweet Audrina news , filming has officially wrapped !!!! Hopefully we ll have an airdate and trailer soon – for the time being I ‘ll leave you with this great photo of a Victorian House Kelly shared with us that literally could be Whitefern itself !



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