The Prism Puzzle



Prisms – man do I love prisms, even before I read Audrina, I would marvel at the magic created by prisms, and the chandeliers that hang in my house. Pretty little rainbows.

I love rainbows – pretty neat trick by Nature. I come from the Rainbow Nation – South Africa. My fascination with prisms earned me my nickname in university – a no brainer – it’s  “PRISM”.

I’m sure you’ve seen my profile picture Its a white light being split into it’s component colours by a prism. Pretty neat science trick. So, let me show you another little neat trick in Audrina..


The symbolism of the prism.
A prism splits white light which is pure into it’s component colours.

Similarly, the first Audrina, who is pure and innocent, after being raped (mental prism) loses her purity and innocence and when she is put into another prism (electroshock therapy) she becomes all these various colourful personalities, the shy Audrina, the noble Audrina, the insolent Audrina, the Sylvia Audrina, the forgetful Audrina, Vera Audrina who rocks in the chair, the violent killer Audrina.

The prism in Audrina is used as a psychological tool to show how a personality can be split into multiple personalities… Prism hair, Prism eyes that never stay one colour , Audrina is the multitude.- witchy, magical, chameleon.

White light + 7 Colours =8 + one absent colour = Audrina and NINE.

What’s the colour ?

Can you figure it out ? Comment here if you do 😉

Written by Neisha Chetty