Fita:The Stage Play Teaser

                          13.08.15    Can anyone guess the specific        significance of the red?

FITA: The Stage Play Interview with Director Christopher Bentivegna

Somewhere in the Deep South, beyond the bayous, beyond the swamps , Flowers are beginning to bloom ………… The vibrant city of New Orleans, setting of the best selling VC Andrews novel, Ruby, has been chosen to host the world premiere of Flowers in the Attic : The Stage Play. AtticSecrets, Lorraine Elgar, has been…

Corrine s Story

“Do you expect me to kill my father?” “Corrine, your marriage is illegal. We can’t make a claim for any money from Christopher’s estate. Accept that. You married your half-uncle knowingly. Soon the law will be at your heels, the media and everyone will know, your children will know! I beg you to save yourself….

My Sweet….weekly update

Another action packed week in the attic …. so much was discussed ! Here’s our roundup of some of our best bits 🙂 Garden of Shadows PattylvsAngel  kicked off this weeks discussions by asking: Do you guys think if corrine , would have introduced the children to her father (Malcolm), would he have softened?  remember…

Corrine Foxworths FITA Timeline

Ever wondered the why? Why Corrine went along with her fathers plans? Did she really mean to poison them “just a little”?
Was it really Tender,Loving, Murder ?

The Dollanganger Saga Births,Deaths and Marriages Timeline

1862 Garland Christopher Foxworth III is born at Foxworth Hall, Virginia. 1874 Corrine is born 1890 Garland marries Corrine in Foxworth Hall, Virginia 1891 Malcolm Neal Foxworth is born to Garland and Corrine Foxworth in Foxworth Hall, Virginia 1893 Olivia Winfield is born in New England, Conneticut. 1896 Corrine Foxworth dissapears into the night. She…

If There Be Thorns movie review

” This family is …….complicated” Far more sinister in tone than its predecessors, but still keeping with some slightly warped humour…… If There Be Thorns premiered in the UK Thursday night  to some great fan reaction. Our Swifty Doll was raving about ‘Mini Malcolm’ aka Bart jnr played by Mason Cook on Twitter. That kid truly…