Interview with Carmen – Creator of The V C Andrews Movie Page

Interview with Carmen

By Neisha Chetty



Carmen, Lorraine and I have become close over the year bonding with the #DoughnutClub and creating so much fun on twitter.

We’ve had some of the most insane moments that we will probably remember for the rest of our lives.

One of which was Carmen tracking down Wyatt Nash and bringing him to twitter! I don’t think Wyatt himself would ever forget the fans reaction to him.

Her facebook page celebrating the release of the movies has been a phenomenon itself. It’s one of our regular source of information to which Carmen herself provides information and updates for us directly.

We are ecstatic to do an interview with her as part of a tribute to all those who’ve made their mark in the VCA fandom and to celebrate the launch of the movies.

Carmen, tell us a little about yourself and how did you become a fan of VCA ? Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your page. I was born in Venezuela and for the last 15 years I’ve been living in Miami Fl. When I was 12 years old my sister decided it was time for me to read Flowers in the Attic. She removed the incest scene page making that book safe to read for my age. I loved every word of Flowers in the Attic. When I read Petals on the Wind I fell in love with Christopher and Julian. I became a fan and ever since then I have been reading VC Andrews and covering the Lifetime movies updating our FB page regularly.

What inspired you to start covering the VCA movies?/

We’ve had awesome times on twitter sharing with the actors, the adrenaline posting the news, watching the trailers over and over. It is a fantastic and refreshing experience, we share with people all around the world. I wanted to create a group where we can share the excitement of the movie production, for many people this was a dream and now a reality! I found interesting material for POTW. I was a detective and was a pleasure sharing with all of you.
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So far what do you think about Lifetime’s production of the movies? Are the good?

They are trying and that’s better than nothing. Over and over I receive comments about the movie, it is not exactly like the book but it is an adaptation and we need to be grateful for their efforts. I really believe that Lifetime rushed in the production of POTW. They had excellent material to have a mini series but they condensed so much information in 90 minutes. I had a headache trying too process the movie even knowing the story.

What was your fondest moment covering the movies?

There is nothing like sharing news with people that can’t have access to the trailers. And the moment that I treasure is the interaction with the actors including Wyatt Nash, Will Kemp, Mason Dye, Anthony Konechny, Rachael Carpani and the beautiful Whitney Hoy who was very sweet when we did her interview. And of course all the wonderful people I’ve met though FB and twitter. Wonderful fans

Who’s your personal favorite actor?

My favorite actor for the Lifetime movies was Will Kemp. I love him and he knows it ! Mason Dye did an excellent job as Christopher!

What VCA book would you most like turned into a movie? I would like to see Web of Dreams.

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