Secret Brother

If one good thing has come out of this diary series , I d have to say its got us discussing again …seeming plot hole s left over in the original saga… Neiderman has put to good use the fans ideas posted on his VCA fan page and he did ask for the fans input and used some answers to try and address the mysteries …..however , he s left a whole heap more .

Which in my book , is a good thing, Attic Secrets is buzzing with theories and questions and Jeff is at the forefront this week :

In Fita didnt Corrine say Cory died before he got to the hospital ? Was it not risky to take Cory to the hospital lest Corrine be found out ? Why poison them then take Cory to hospital ?

The problem here is we have canon being mixed with “creative license” ie: Virginia’s original framework vs Neidermans interpretation

Corrine did indeed claim Cory died before he got to the hospital, in fact she still swore that was the truth in ITBT. Throughout the saga she never changed her story about that fact……. Liars usually change their stories multiple times as they forget what they’ve originally said so im actually believing Corrine on this point .


Of course it was risky to have taken Cory to hospital which is why I believe she never did in the first place. If it was discovered, which it would have been , Corrine would not only lose the inheritance but also be facing prosecution for murder.

In the Corrine timeline I researched that it would have been October that she would have finally received her inheritance from her father …. I doubt she would have wanted to jeopardise that after three long years of scheming and waiting for that money she so believed was her right to have.


Christopher the director of the FITA stage play points out that:

In the play, she tells them that she TOOK him to a hospital but she won’t be found out because no one questions her family because her father gives that hospital tons of money.

That is quite a nice little tie up on Neidermans part , its something that Neisha and I have often discussed as to why the children never escaped before or went to the police. The Foxworths owned that area , the police included – if the children turned up claiming their story they could quite easily be bribed. However, the body of a poisoned child is quite another matter…… or at least I hope it is 😦


So why posion them then take Cory to hospital Neiderman ?


This is rather a big question and I dont think I have the answer, to me it just doesnt make sense but its great fun trying to figure it all out 🙂

Jeff was lucky enough to have a conversation with Neiderman on Facebook regarding his thoughts on the book :


Personally, I’m very intrigued by Neidermans response – What could it mean ?!


More exciting news from the FITA stage play in that the cast has been unveiled Christopher Bentivegna who once again has produced this amazing poster for it.
I ve never met such a hard working director with such passion and flair and he truly is an inspiration which is why im confident this production will be AMAZING !

Christopher  himself has said in regards to this premiere

“one thing I learned is that a director/writer CAN’T do it honestly if he doesn’t express his OWN spirit….BUT he must also stay smart and try to have empathy for what the fans will want when possible….”


Christopher is also a huge fan of FITA so I doubt fans will be dissapointed – the director is just one of us and he wants to do the book justice. I m so excited and desperately trying to get the fare together to get to New Orleans in August for this. I may even have to set up my own charity 😉 I accept PayPal by the way 😉

Stay tuned with AtticSecrets and The Complete VCA website  which has a dedicated section for more FITA:The Stage Play exclusives coming soon !

Our very talented member Ted  has realeased his review of Lifetimes Seeds of Yesterday – its extremely well written and gives many points that I believe most fans will agree with. It brings up the portrayal of Bart as a man fighting mental illness and of course the controversial Cindy/Bart pairing …. drop us a line with your thoughts we d love to hear them !

And we really think you ll love this story by Candace who runs the successful Attic Secrets Theatre group :

A Safe Haven

Its a What if ? Piece where Heaven survives the car crash , and is very compelling

So again its been a busy week in the attic , dont forget to join us in uncovering more secrets and drop us a line on your thoughts

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