My Sweet Audrina : The Movie


Teatimes and Cucumber Sandwiches and Plenty of Vodka Laced Tea with Lorraine Elgar and Neisha Chetty. 

Everybodys abuzz with The My Sweet Audrina Movie that started filming in Vancouver this month – and AtticSecrets is right there quivering in anticipation !

So in honour of all things Audrina , Neisha Chetty and Lorraine Elgar hosted their very own “Teatime” to discuss the upcoming production.

So pull up a chair , grab a dainty finger sandwich , lay off the alcohol and enjoy all the latest news, gossip and thoughts on what is going to be a highlight of every VCA fans calander 😉

On Director Mike Rohl

Lorraine So mike rohl ? Come on the man directed Supernatural and Reign ! A big big SUPERMASSIVE tick in my book 🙂 both completely different concepts and fantastic series which shows his  versatility – it gives me a lot of faith in this movie .
Both series have characters that are relatable no matter how grandoise the story …. Mike Rohl has contributed to that which shows us he has the skill to bring this crazy cast of the Whitefern saga to life ! I actually cant wait to see how he directs Tess Atkins as Vera

Lorraine : I love his interaction on twitter – asking fans opinions on the rocking chair , the cryptic Vera stay away from the carrots ! I wonder if Vera’s going to have red hair ???

Neisha : Lol. I love that Mike asked about the rocking chair. I gave my opinion, it should be white. The chair was original used for young mothers to rock their babies to sleep. No mother would use black..

Lorraine : I said white for purity like daddy wanted her to be …. lol

Neisha :I like that interpretation 😉  he has some serious credentials, Lorraine. I’m pretty sure he’s going creepy, dark and gothic. Can’t wait! I hope to see India Eisley have that witchy hair too. It would be cool…

Lorraine: Creepy, Sexy Cast I believe he tweeted 😉

So, speaking of this cast …..

India Eisley as Audrina


Neisha :A lot of people are asking about whether India Eisley has the credentials to pull of Audrina. I’ve only seen her in “Underworld : Awakening” to be honest.
It also had the yummy Theo James in it.
In Underworld, India played the part of Eve, a hybrid of three strains IMMORTALS, VAMPIRE AND LYCAN. She is the daughter of the story’s protagonist SELENE. She’s been locked, born in captivity, in a laboratory and has no knowledge of her past like Audrina…

“They told me that I had no mother, that she died when I was born. I never believed it; I felt you, saw images through your eyes. But then, someone from outside my door, they said that since I was no longer a child, the wait was over, that I’d be dead soon; and that my own mother, right next door, would never have even known I’d existed.” Eve – Underworld

Eisley needs to draw on her experience of playing  “Eve” because Audrina is pretty much similar – Audrina means “Noble Strength” and both characters are trying to harness and control “powers” they possess.

Tess Atkins as Vera


James Tupper as Damian Adare


Neisha : I believe he was in the series Revenge, But he needs to be the “brainwashing” figure in this movie. You can’t truly state whether he is a villain, or a loving father …Damian is knows how to control people. He knows how to manipulate them even those who know oppose him Audrina, Ellsbeth, Vera, Lucietta, Billy and Arden . He gets them to pity him.  Damien means to tame and Damien know how to tame people.

William Moseley As Arden Lowe (Adult)


Seth  Isaac Johnson as young Arden


   Jennifer Copping as Lucietta Whitefern


And   Matthew Kevin Anderson  as Lamar Rensdale


Neisha: I see there’s no Sylvia :(. Guess I can live with that.

Lorraine : we know who plays Lucky but im dying to see Ellsbeth ….

Neisha: this  should be fun, those two literally make each other’s existence miserable. They do things to piss the other off.

Lorraine:  especially at teatime lol
I love the bitchiness of Aunt Mercy Maries teatime ….so much gets revealed in those teas!
I loved the suggestion on twitter from a fan who said the picture of aunt mercy Marie should be Virginia Andrews – that would be hilarious

Neisha: Seriously, some one suggested that ? Aunt Mercy Marie wasn’t a “nice” person… Lol. But Aunt mercy Marie says it like it is – shape tongued. Having a sharp tongue, could result in falling down the stairs. So yeah, it’s a good suggestion.

Lorraine:  Yep im sure they did or I may have just made that up lol my brain is as mashed as audrinas but hey I actually like the idea … its funny … it if wasnt someones suggestion its now mine 😉

Neisha : Talking of Aunt Mercy Maries Teatimes – What scenes should be in the movie ?

Lorraine: Ok um basically the ones inbedded on my brain forever …. teatime , vera miscarriage complete with bloody mass throwing at her mother audrina digging at the grave in the pouring rain with her nails …that sex scene …. this book actually traumatised my childhood …in a good way 😉

Neisha :An awesome selection there Lorraine, I’m sure all fans would agree. The sex on the grave scene …Creation and Destruction two powerful forces.
Will they or won’t they ?
Will Lifetime go HBO ?

Lorraine: I hope so 😉

Keep up to date on all My Sweet Audrina News with Attic Secrets and Petals on the Wind Movie

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