Secret Brother Teaser


Tuesday sees the release of the third and final installment of the Diary series: Secret Brother

Neiderman is teasing fans prior to its release with this cryptic message :
If you put the endings of Secrets of Foxworth, Echoes of Dollanganger and Secret Brother together you ‘ll have the whole story ……..

Ok , so this got my brain ticking a bit ….

End of Secrets of Foxworth =
Kane finds the diary , Kristin decides to read it with him …..

End of Echoes of Dollanganger =
Kane and Kristin find the Dr who treated Corrine , then in turn find out Cory s alive (dear god 😦 ) and give him who is now known as William Anderson the diary

End of Secret Brother = ????????

So what does Neiderman mean by whole story ?
The whole story in the diary trilogy or is he claiming the whole FITA saga ?

Personally, I and many many fans do not consider this diary part of the FITA saga …. bringing Cory back was a complete insult to fans and the memory of VCA …..

However, I am trapped by a compulsion much like driving past a car accident and having to have a sneaky look as much as you dont want to….to read this final installment.

In desperate hope the ending lines are something like
” and it was all just a dream” for this whole shambles of Kristins discovery , of Cory returning from the dead ……

What Neiderman unfortunately doesnt get is the finer intracies of the Dollanganger saga , that everything happens for a reason , Corys death itself had to happen in order for the events to unfold … it had to happen for the children to realise just what grave danger they were in ….. its something that has been mentioned many many times over on Attic Secrets

So I ll leave y’all with the anticipation of the next installment , hopefully you ll comment and we can see if we can work out what its actually going to contain or what we hope it will contain before all will be revealed next week and I can honestly tell you we ll have a lot to say 😉 x

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  1. lilulo12 says:

    Relating this books to a car crash that you can’t help but gape at is spot on.


    1. I didn’t know how else to describe it , I dont want to but I know the day it comes out I ll be downloading it and reading to the bitter end …. just in case 😉


  2. I understand where the blogger is coming from…however, for the events to transpire in the manner they did only requires Cathy, Chris and Carrie to have believed that Cory died. The fact that Corrine may have lied is irrelevant…it only matters that the children believe her lie, which they did.

    Just my thoughts.

    This is a response from one of our Attic Secrets members


    1. I can understand the way the gw is going – logically this ruse would work if the children believed cory to be dead … however corrine too was fooled I believe ? Ok plot wise so far. BUT and its a huge one , what the gw has failed to grasp is the one tiny detail that proves in vca canon Cory did not possibly survive …. it s actually given in potw when carrie herself nearly dies …. it had to be revealed she ingested arsenic in order for the drs to know how to save her….. is this the case in secret brother ? Did john amos leave a note ? Plus remember Cory had double the amount to carrie …. he had a weak immune system compared to hers …. and also that slow shallow breathing …. has any one heard of the so called death rattle before a person dies ?


  3. Toni says:

    I love your blog and I adore being part of Attic Secrets! Keep us updated, I can’t wait to be disappointed by Secret Brother!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Lol toni we adore having you 🙂 I ll schedule the mass dissapointment party for Tuesday or should I make that weds ?! It’s hard knowing how quickly people will read …..


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