Artistic inspiration

This week in Attic Secrets its been a celebration of creativity ………

As you may know VCA herself was a talented artist before finding fame as an author and her fans too share the same passion and talent …….


Member Corina has been sharing her beautiful artwork from her own VCA blog – this picture is of chris jnr – check on her other character portraits here

The Petals on the Wind Movie Page has a fab competition running for fans :
The chance to win your very own Attic Treasure Box !!!!
* A vintage copy of FITA
* An exclusive piece of R.C Art
* A rustic key
And much much more

All you have to do is head over to the page and submit your very own fan art to be in with a chance !


We re delighted that our members are submitting their own work into this competition and encourage everyone to do the same !

Becca posted a question regarding the significance of Corrines pearls which led to a great discussion on what the pearls symbolised.

Justyna informed us that her gradmother told her pearls represent tears and Lorraine  shared this insight after Cassie mentioned it being to do with a nervous habit of Corrines:

Cassie Renee is right its a nervous habit that tells us when she is lying or holding something back.
There is another more symbolic reason too – why pearls ?
Well, pearls are beautiful gems that look fragile, however they re actually very deceiving as real pearls are extremely hard and cannot be broken…only fake pearls break. So basically pearls for all there beautiful fragility on the surface are strong and hardened on the inside. I believe this gives us further insight into Corrine as a character.

This led to another fantastic AtticSecrets exclusive – the latest poster for Fita : The Stage Play featuring Corrines Pearls and a very symbolic , cryptic message within the poster…..

Can anyone guess the specific significance of the red? 

Check out the teaser here and comment on your guesses ! Its very very intriguing and there’s more to come 🙂

Speaking of the stage play , casting is underway and Christopher Bentivegna, has asked YOU , the fans , what your vision of Corrine is ?

This is a great honour and a chance to get your views heard by a leading director !

We were contacted by a fan who after a great discussion on what songs we d pick for a FITA musical (mostly rock btw) who had actually recently starred in a high school musical production of FITA! We re hoping he will share more news with us about this as we’re all intrigued  …. 

For more fun and frolics join us on Attic Secrets this week where we ll be bringing you more debates, more news and more vca related info

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