Solving the Whitefern Murders


The prisms, the rocking chair, the cupola and the wind chimes ……

Trying to solve the Whitefern murders..

Okay, no doubt, this is one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read. The one puzzle that keeps gnawing at my brain… was it Sylvia or Vera who dunnit ? 
Virginia gave us plenty of “evasions no revelations”. And after a while I stumbled upon what I deem as clues to fill my empty pitcher…

The prisms, the rocking chair, the cupola and the wind chimes..

What were they trying to tell us?

Looking at Vera she is conniving and ruthless enough to off Ellie, Billie, and Audrina before finally karma becomes a biatch.

Sylvia is creepy enough to be a candidate too.

When I thought of them both… I felt there was someone else I had to reconsider although I’ve ruled that character out before … 

“All the colours in the room began to move, to sparkle like diamonds suddenly catching the light.  The music of the cupola wind chimes was in my brain dancing, dancing, telling me of happy Playtimes up there, slyly whispering of one terrible time up, there.  Who was flashing that crystal prism in my eyes?  How did the wind set into the house to blow my hair when the windows were all down and locked?  Were there draughts in the cupola,and ghosts in the attic?  What made the hair on my head move, what? Far back, near the sane side of me, I wanted to believe all of this was hopeless”


Something happens when the storm rises to Audrina.

So exactly what made Billie and Ellie, take a tumble ? 

“Step on red, soon be dead.”

   Audrina sees someone shining crystal prism into her eyes when she is in the rocking chair prior to Sylvia being born and notice when Billie and Ellie fall, the prism effect is there too, hinting Sylvia playing with the prisms.

But to me, it is actually Audrina who pushed Ellie and Billie down. I guess the greatest flaw is wasn’t Audrina a victim as well… Being pushed?

Well, here’s where this gets a little complicated… When Audrina starts to remembers the truth about who the First Audrina is, the storm comes in making the wind chimes tinkle and the colours dance, and a “protective mind mechanism” kicks in wanting to keep her from the truth or she will slip into that suicidal mode again- the one that initially threatened her life. 

When she rocks in the chair and remembers Arden was there when the First Audrina was raped, she was going to confront him, and that’s when the colours start swirling and wind chimes start to rattle. Her subconscious mind makes tries to prevent her from the truth … And she stumbles and falls …

She remembers strong hands, well the strong hands are from when she tries to jump from the cupola window to commit suicide and Damian pulls her back.. An old memory 

  “That’s where she was, and the wind howling in, and the rain, and the thunder was cracking, lightning was flashing, and the colours in here were -boggling with the brightness the lightning caused.  The chimes were beating frantic ally  It was pandemonium up And Audrina on that chair had one leg outside the window and was preparing to jump when I raced up and seized of her and pulled her back inside.”

So what got Ellie and Billie killed ?

Well my guess if that they tried to tell Audrina who she truly was and the wind chimes in her mind went off and she pushed them to prevent them from telling her the truth. 

“Step on red, you’re dead!”.

Notice that Lucietta pours iodine which is red over Audrina’s bruises which sends her into a panic trying to jump out the cupola window. 

Billie was crying before she was pushed, it seems she had an argument with someone.

Vera, falling down the stairs is also intriguing … Because Arden mentions Vera gifted them.. And mentioned she tripped and it was her(Vera’s fault) which is kind of odd…I think both Arden and Damian try to conceal the fact that Audrina pushed her.

Just as they tried to protect her from knowing the truth of the rape. 

Audrina in a lot of ways remembers a girl who looks very much like her and plays with crystal prisms her mind creates this lie that its Sylvia.

When Audrina goes into that coma, the protective mechanism sort off goes into “hibernation” and allows her to face to truth.

However when she tries to leave the safe playroom of Whitefern, it awakens.

I think Audrina is also suffers from some kind of personality disorder as well where she initially split herself into the First Audrina and then she split herself into an autistic free Sylvia. Mind boggling indeed.

“There was a war going on in our house, a silent war that sounded no guns, and the bodies that fell were only wishes that died and the bullets were only words and the blood that spilled was always called pride.”

“What is normal? Normal is only ordinary; mediocre. Life belongs to the rare, exceptional individual who dares to be different. ”

“All pain seemed to come with lots of blood, and lots of mental anguish, too. I already knew about that. Maybe that was the worst kind of pain, because nobody knew about it but you.”

“There were shadows in the corners and whispers on the stairs and time was irrelevant as honesty”

Theory by Neisha Chetty
Artwork by Lorraine Elgar


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