My Sweet….weekly update

Another action packed week in the attic …. so much was discussed ! Here’s our roundup of some of our best bits 🙂

Garden of Shadows
PattylvsAngel  kicked off this weeks discussions by asking:

Do you guys think if corrine , would have introduced the children to her father (Malcolm), would he have softened? 
remember in garden of shadows, Olivia stated that she didn’t let Malcolm see the kids because she knew the girls would have him wrap around there finger, the way corrine did once.. would their fate have been different ?

Neisha explained her belief of this :

I think maybe Olivia believed that her husband would succumb to beauty but the woman was kept in the dark about what her husband knew and didn’t know… She had no idea it was his masterplan.

But I don’t think his heart would soften. He didn’t even allow Corrine to give him grandchildren via Bart Snr

And let’s not forget that time when he looks at the children directly in their hidden place (Xmas party) and smiles. And Cathy wanted to know what that smile meant.

Talking of Garden of Shadows – don’t forget we are campaigning to get this movie made for Lifetime in order to complete the saga :

Sign your support at :

Garden of Shadows Petition

Flowers in the Attic
Ted  questions when do we think Corrine found out about Chris and Cathy s relationship ?

Somewhere between Potw and Itbt ? Or even earlier ? How did she find out ? Is there evidence in the books to confirm this ?

Check out Corrine’s FITA Timeline which should reveal some of the answers or get you wondering a bit more 😉

Talking of timelines The Dollanganger Saga Births, Deaths and Marriages timeline is now finished – you can read it here

Ted also shared this great pic entitled Gods Reaction to Fita


Marianne :
This is why I have a hard time subscribing to religion. I have a strong belief in God…but it’s ruined by people. They twist it to use it for their own gain. All of the things God apparently “Condemns”? I can’t see someone who lives a good life and is overall a really good person going to hell because they’re gay. Just an example.

Flowers in the attic deals strongly with religious hypocrisy, we ‘d love to hear your thoughts on this subject !


Candace is working on a fantastic “Choose your own Adventure” version of Flowers in the Attic – its a fab idea and we ll let you know when its up and running ! You get to choose which character you wish to be from Corrine, Cathy, Chris , Cory ,Carrie, Malcolm and Olivia as well as John Amos or Bart Winslow 😉 I ve had a little go on its BETA version and I m seriously excited, having done each character and seen their options – its a must do for any fan!

The most exciting news of the week Flowers in the Attic wise has to be that the world premiere of the play will be opening in New Orleans on 13th August and running until the 31st! We are honoured that the director Christopher has joined us and is happily answering fans questions .

Petals on the Wind
Lifetime movies were discussed , namely the inclusion of Chris’ relationship with Sarah in Petals on the wind.
Anna commented :

I liked it. I always wished they’d written Chris’ version of events in POTW instead of making it seem like he never had anyone but a few dates here and there. And to be quite honest, what is IT about Cathy that makes men fall so love with her, anyway? I understand that she has a devastatingly gorgeous face and body, but she came off as sometimes as childish and selfish. Was it just sex for Paul, Julian, and Bart Sr?

If there be Thorns


Angela Brown spoke of her reaction to Lifetime’s If There Be Thorns movie :

One of the scenes that really moved me, and I wanted to see more of. The scene bet Cathy and Chris, when Chris tells Cathy bout the blackmail. I do agree we didn’t need that, but the vulnerability that Jason gave as Chris on that porch with Rachel saying I’m gonna kill her was so well done. I felt so bad for them, and I felt in that scene that Chris had to hold it together and he was carrying all that cause he didn’t want to “worry”, Cathy. That broke my heart, and if they had more scenes like that, OMG. I thought the direction was superb and I thought it was the best of all of them. But as usual, it could not be perfect cause of lifetime.

“Something else( I love this group!) To pill or not to pill, I said this before, me personally I did not have a prob with that so much cause in the book, Cathy was detached a LOT. So the pills kinda explained that, and realistically people turn to those substances to cope. But on the other hand, it was also not needed cause if they had shown more mental breakdowns, that was in the book. Like the Cindy adoption, when Chris just relented in the film, really?! If they had shown those true mental breakdowns, you wouldn’t need the pills. If that makes any sense.”

Neisha responded :


Yes, indeed where was our anchor Christopher doll ? Where were Cathy s spectacular temper tantrums that could rival a three year old ? Where was the torment ?

My Sweet Audrina

In My Sweet Audrina news , Mike Rohl has announced Audrina has now been cast but is remaining tightlipped for the moment :/


Speculation was rife that India Eisley has bagged the role after she tweeted a picture of her script on Twitter and announced she is flying to Vancouver to start filming on Tuesday and we were lucky to have this confirmed by Jennifer Completevca who had the Ghost Writer himself, Andrew Neiderman confirm it on Wednesday !!!!


Mike also announced that Damian has been cast but is still not telling ……

The Fans are busy creating some great artwork inspired by this movie including Toni who shared this with us :


Im loving this dark , haunting vibe and im hoping the movie will be along the same vein !!!! Lifetime has a lot to live up to…..

Seriously, the excitement is building up amongst everybody and we’ll  be updating as we know so stay tuned !!!!

Ending on the audrina theme I ll leave you with this morbid treasure found by Valerie  on you tube :

I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the lyrics are just as crazy as the book
Audrina,My Sweet

Hopefully some of you will come join us at Attic Secrets
for another week of fun and chat xxxxx


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