Corrine Foxworths FITA Timeline

Sketch of Corrine

Monday 30th November 1942

Chris Jnr is born to Chris and Corrine in Gladstone, Pennsylvania where they have set up home

Friday 6th April 1945

Cathy is born


December 1951

Corrine tells Chris and Cathy of her pregnancy before she informs Chris snr.


Monday 5th May 1952

The Twins are born

Friday 26th April 1957

Corrine plans a surprise party for Chris Snr, however he is killed in a car accident leaving her widowed.

She identifies his body to confirm it is him, she is devastated and falls into a deep depression , not tending to her or her childrens needs.

Friday 6th May 1957

Chris snr s funeral


Monday 9th May 1957

Corrine visits her lawyer regarding the debts she is in. She is told she can miss four mortage payments before foreclosure of the house starts but any insurance will take months to come through. She is strongly advised to contact her parents in Virginia for financial help.

Corrine begins writing daily letters to her parents begging for help

Tuesday 25th June 1957

After weeks of writing, a desperate Corrine receives a letter from her mother telling her she can come back and inherit everything, on the condition she hides her children until her father is dead.

She is assured this would only be 2 or 3 months, quicker than waiting for her husbands insurance, then she would be a heiress.

She convinces Cathy and Christopher to go along with her plan and the family flee into the night.

Wednesday 26th June 1957

3 am -Corrine assumes a fake name on the train journey to Virginia, so no one can connect her return with a woman and four children. She arranges for her luggage to be taken and held in Charlottesville so she can collect later. They are dropped off in an isolated train depot and she leads the children to the Hall before dawn.

5 am -Begging her mother for compassion, she settles the children into the room before walking back alone to the train depot and catching the train to Charlottesville to collect her luggage.

9am – Corrine returns to Foxworth Hall alone in a taxi. Her father orders that she is to strip naked infront of him and be whipped 48 times by her mother as punishment for her sins against God and Society when she married Chris Snr.

EveningCorrine returns to her children hidden in the northern room, humiliated and defeated she is forced to show the whip marks to them by her mother.

She tells them more about her abusive upbringing and falling in love with their father, who was actually her half uncle, and the fallout it caused.

She promises to save every last dollar before leaving them, locking the door behind her.

Thursday 27th June 1957

Corrine drives to Charlottesville to enrol on a secretarial course. She returns to the children later to deliver toys and games.



Friday 28th June –Saturday 13th July 1957

Every night Corrine would show up at 6pm, breathless, in a great hurry unable to spend more than a few moments.

On Saturdays and Sundays, she spends the afternoons, after eating lunch with her father after feigning the need to nap, with the children.


Sunday 14th July 1957

Corrine brings the children a treat of melted icecream. Despite their begging, she refuses to stay the night fearful her father would find out.

Corrine has been given one of her fathers cars to drive and believes he is about to forgive her,

Saturday 20th July 1957

Corrine is able to spend only half an hour with the children

Sunday 21st July 1957

Corrine s father demanded all her attention that morning.

In the afternoon, she goes sailing with friends not visiting children until 5pm.

She informs the children, they will be hidden away until the day her father dies.

Monday 22nd July 1957

Corrine sneaks up mops, pails and brushes to help the children clean the attic to create an attic garden. She takes a whole week off secretarial school to help them.

Saturday 4th August 1957

Corrine is feeling pressurised when her father demands to know where she goes every Saturday and what takes her so long.

She goes to the movies with her old friend Elena and her two brothers, one of whom is Bart Winslow.

Mid August

Corrine is beginning to accumulate more expensive clothes and expensive jewellery from her father.

She still visits the children every evening, but is offhand in her manner. She has changed her hairstyle and claims to still be attending secretarial school.


September 1957

Corrine brings Cathy ballet costumes and Tchaikovsky records as a gift from Chris.

November 1957

Corrine brings the children long heavy underwear so they can keep warm in the attic over the winter.

Tuesday 28th November 1957

Thanksgiving plans with her children are ruined when her father changes his mind at the last minute and demands to eat with her at the table downstairs.

Corrine has to make three fake calls to herself in order to sneak in the pantry and hide food for her children.

Corrine arrives three hours to the Thanksgiving meal with her children. She is unable to stay.

Wednesday 29th November 1957

Corrine is anxious at Cory s illness and wants to take him to hospital. Her mother refuses.

Monday 2nd December 1957

Corrine takes a week off secretarial school in order to look after her twins who are both unwell

Mid December 1957.

Corrine decides to give her children vitamins.

Although she is seemingly calm and composed, she appears tired .

She no longer visits everyday.

Tuesday 24th December 1957

Corrine spends time with the children decorating a live fir tree she bought them. She speaks excitedly of the following Christmas when they will all be together in their own home.

Wednesday 25th December 1957

Corrine gives the twins a gift of a dolls house, she also gives the children a tv that her father has given her.

Still troubled, she is dark eyed when she says her father is friendlier and planning on having her written into the will to inherit everything.

Corrine s father throws her a party that evening in her honour.

In spite of the risks, she agrees to let Cathy and Chris out to watch .

She tells her children bitterly she has “at last managed to please him “ in regards to her father.

Corrine spents the party dancing and chatting intimately to Bart Winslow – often they slip out of sight and she shows him the swan bed.

Thursday 26th December 1957

Corrine checks on the children in the Northern room in the early hours to find Chris is missing.

Violently she shakes Cathy awake, stating she will never let them out again for this betrayal.

She slaps Chris on both cheeks upon his return and threatens to whip the pair of them.

Thursday 1st January 1958

Corrine is written into her fathers will


March 1958

Cathy and Corrine  share an intimate woman to woman talk, Corrine fusses over Chris but ignores the twins who are ill at ease in her prescence.

Sunday 6th April 1958

Corrine spends Cathy s birthday with her teaching her crewel embroidery.

5th May 1958

Corrine spends the twins birthday with her children. She appears sad when she finally looks at Cory and speaks of her brother s death.

June 1958

Corrine steals books from the library to give to the children taking little notice of their contents.

She has lots of money and jewellery which she claims are fakes .

July 1958

Corrine stays away the whole week, she claims her father is very ill and soon they will be free. By evening she returns stating he’s passed the crisis ‘this time’.

Friday 7th August 1959

Corrine marries Bart Winslow.

August 1959

Corrine and Bart embark on a European honeymoon, whilst her children are whipped and starved by her mother.

Visiting England, France, Spain & Italy, she is unable to sleep , haunted by images of her children.

She is informed by her mother of Cathy and Chris’ unnatural developing relationship. (Theory)

October 1959

Corrine and Bart visit his sister in Vermont, where she buys Cathy some maple sugar candy.

They then spend the week by the seashore.

Monday 23rd November 1959

Corrine is aware that her father has asked her husband to amend his will, but is unsure what is being changed.

Tuesday 24th November 1959

Corrine finally returns to visit her children. She quickly turns on them when they question her, believing they have turned against her.

She claims her father is now so ill, it is only a matter of a few days before he dies.

Saturday 28th November 1959

Corrine learns the true nature of her relationship with Chris snr from Malcolm on his deathbed. (Theory)

Sunday 29th November 1959

Malcolm dies and Corrine learns that John Amos is aware of the childrens existence.

Friday 4th December 1959

Corrine returns to the children after a 10 day absence but doesn’t tell them of her fathers death.  She claims not to hate her father “not now” and announces she has remarried.

She ignores their small illnesses almost purposely.

Monday 7th December 1959

Malcolm’s funeral

December 1959

Corrine’s life is a whirlwind of parties , concerts and trips.

January 1960

Corrines visits become more sporadic, she is careless with money

February 1960

The will is read and Corrine finally learns of the codicil

She manipulates John Amos into poisoning the children for her (Theory)


March 1960 – September 1960

Corrine is aware of money missing and a girl who looks like Cathy who kissed her husband one evening.

She is yet unable to leave the hall as her inheritance has not yet come through.

October 1960

Corrine finally inherits everything from her father.

Saturday 29th October 1960

With Cory ill, Corrine is unable to make a decision. If she takes him to hospital she faces losing everything and all will be revealed.

She slaps Cathy in a rage who slaps her back.

10pm – She finally returns and wraps Cory up in a green blanket , carrying him into the hall , claiming she will take him to hospital.

Sunday 30th October 1960

Corrine returns and tells the children she took Cory to hospital and registered him under a false name…that he died of pneumonia…it was too late. She claims she has already buried him.

10th November 1960

Corrine visits the children informing them she is going out that evening.

However, she actually flees Foxworth Hall with Bart.

I loved my children, i didn’t want to poison them”


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  1. mandarinpeel says:

    did corrine ever really go to secretarial school? I have doubts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol it was never proved but , I think if she had then she would have given up by xmas ! actually judging by her actions at the beginning I really think she did at least enrol and try . However, the more her father seemed to forgive her the less important it seemed so she gave it up


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