An Eye for an Eye

Flowers in the Attic always envokes discussion on child abuse and we ve had a very interesting discussion on real life cases thanks to an intriguing post from Mersedes who shared a real life kidnap mystery of a girl and boy gagged and bound by a copy of My Sweet Audrina prompting the following post :

Such a sad sick world! Child molesters/rapist/abusers are at the top of my most hated list,I do believe if I ever witnessed a child being harmed I’d kill the person abusing the child and to make matters worse there’s no justice in this world!!!! What happened to the saying tooth for a tooth,eye for a eye???? – Melissa

Virginia address truth and justice in her novels.

Would an eye for an eye really work ?

We’d love you to share your thoughts with us on this one ….


Feelings are still running high regarding the resurrection of Cory and the upcoming Secret Brother  Book.
A lot of us fans not only disagree with the GW decision but have been discussing why Virginia MEANT Cory to die :

Okay, this has to do with “everything happens for the best”.

Carrie once asked how Cory dying was for the best ?

That question is the KEY and has to be answered. As cruel as it sounds, there’s two reasons why Virginia designed it that way …( That I can find)-  Neisha

I think that it was best for Cory because it meant that he never had to grow up or suffer as the others did. Cory was still (to a very large extent) innocent when died – Kathryn

Candace questioned whether Corrine was truly a victim and a fantastic debate opened up as it always does when Corrine is mentioned. She’s like marmite – you either love her or hate her. That Whore. (Toni)


We ve been discussing who s the original BIG BAD ( Buffy Style) of the Dollanganger saga and Lulabel gave this great insight into many of the characters :

Malcolm is the BIG BADDIE because he always WON.  Olivia tried to win in the way women do in patriarchal cultures by taking abuse from men and passing it down to women and children under her power. She had the money, but spying on children and petty little punishments were more her style. Her punishment was highly personal too– bald Olivia tars Cathy’s golden hair out of jealousy– which is vulnerable, pathetic.  Also, think of the way FITA is presented: evil grandma and loving but increasingly distant mother throughout the book then at the END the big reveal: it was mommy not evil granny who was killing the kids.  This setup of FITA implies Olivia is less evil than Corrine.  Corrine tried to win by marrying Chris Sr., then hiding her kids, then… but Corrine never won although she tried.  John Amos was also pathetic, he waited around for years and in the end Malcolm got the upper hand.  All John Amos could do was try to influence, again pathetically with Bart, he could never act.

Rachel shared with us why she thought John Amos couldn’t compete  :

I can’t go with the John Amos argument. John Amos was too pathetic to really be a big bad. Just such a petty, gross, impotent (metaphorically at least) little man.

What does she mean by metaphorically impotent ?! 😉 ha ha poor randy butler 😦

In other VCA land related news , sorry for sounding like a newsreader , check out the recently updated Complete VCA website – its looking beautifully sophisticated and is still the best resource out there to get your VCA fix.

Dont forget to check out our exclusive Garden of Shadows Timeline whilst there too 😉


Mike Rohl -director of My Sweet Audrina – is asking what colour fans think Audrina s rocking chair should be ? Black or White ? Intially I d go for pine but thats the choice … perhaps lifetimes budget doesnt stretch that far 😉 

He has dropped a heavy hint about a big name being cast as Damian Adare….now im hearing all sorts but if it turns out to be Jonathan Rhys Myers I will swoon as much as I do when thinking of Troy Tatterton !

In a Sweet Audrina vein , it was asked    ” Was Arden Lowe a good guy ? ” in the group .
The best response came from Anna :
All interesting comments, but perhaps Arden only married Audrina out of guilt. As she often said, she thought he felt “duty-bound” to her. I guess he figured if he married her, he could protect her, and no other man would be able to hurt her again. He screwed up though. Why did everyone assume Audrina “needed” to have a man in her life, anyway? Not even Vera had a steady boyfriend.

Which in turn got us debating the change in Audrina’s character and more specifically her attitude to Arden and which ‘Audrina’ we liked best when it came to their relationship…

The Middle

“Forgive him ? How could I forgive him when I could never forget ? Twice he did nothing to save me from the people who wanted me destroyed. I didnt want to give him a third chance “

The end of Audrina

“Arden and I would begin again in Whitefern, and if this time we failed, we’d try a third time , a fourth ….”

Which one is the more sensible Audrina?

Jennifer gave us another wonderful quote of the day from Fita :

Children are very intuitive and wise ,
They know who truly loves them and who only pretends ….

She got us thinking how this also applies to My Sweet Audrina as well as Flowers in the Attic …. and would love to know others thoughts on this 🙂


Today is finally the UK Premiere of If There Be Thorns so some of us are looking forward to catching up with our US members and having plenty to discuss -there s been some mixed reactions so far. Lorraine is hoping to be able to live post on the group at 9pm UK time 🙂

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  1. lilulo12 says:

    I was horrified at the end of My Sweet Audrina when she went back to Arden. She should have ran as far as she could.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree , I remember being so frustrated with her ! All i wanted was her to break free from all of them


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